OT - graduation update (brag alert)

My senior has officially finished high school. Last day was yesterday. Senior awards are this Thursday, and next Monday is graduation. He finished 5th out of a class of 475!!! He will be speaking along with the other top-ten’s at graduation! EEKS!!!

After much discussion, and laying cards on the table with respect to how much money is available to him, and how much loans cost, and the like, he did end up choosing Michigan. He is comfortable with the amount that he will need to contribute, and is comfortable with the potential of grad school loans. He is extremely appreciative of what I will do for him, and absolutely understands that “his” bucket is what it is, and that I won’t be able to do more. He also understands that he has responsibilities - to keep his grades up and maintain the scholarships he did get. He spoke with his dad - and asked if he would be participating financially. His dad said, well talk to me when its time for grad school. We interpret that as a “no”. He is a little disappointed - the same weekend they had this conversation, daddy had purchased a new Escalade and a new Beemer for the wife. But this is just how his dad is, and he accepts it, and so be it.

He chose Michigan because he got into a very specialized program - its an early admissions program for their business school. After looking at the oriientation info, I realized what a small group got accepted into it. He will also be in their honors program, and thus will have two sets of academic advisors to work with. The more the better, IMO!

At the end of the day, I told him it wasn’t the decision I would have made - I am such a bird in the hand person - but I support him and understand why he made the choices he did.

Graduation party is on July 1 - I will be asking for ideas!

:smiley: I know that you are so very proud, as you should be, what a wonderful student!!! Sorry to hear the news about his dad…what a_____!! fool, that’s the word I’m looking for, he doesn’t realilze the damage he’s doing to his relationship with his son…IMHO. I’m so glad that your son has you to support him :wink:

You must be so proud!!

Congratulations to both of you! It sounds like you’ve got a remarkably mature and wonderful son! He will do well at Michigan. My daughter is there and loves it!

There are three or four LYS in Ann Arbor!!! Oh gleee!!!

Jan, if you are ever going to visit - let me know- - maybe we can time our visits together!!! It is a great school, and he will do well with it. The ONLY bad thing about it is that he won’t be able to swim there. Their team is one of the better big school teams - he loves to swim, but he just isnt at that level of competition. However, he made his decision on school not based upon swimming, but based upon what he could do with the education. Right move IMO. Most of the schools he looked at would have been the same.

I am proud of both my guys. Their dad does love them - but he is so wrapped up in “he who has the most money when he dies wins” AND a huge desire to punish me - I guess for not being the person who he really wanted, who knows. I have told them that the money part isn’t about them, and to make sure THEY keep that door open, always.

How wonderful and tell him congratulations!! :cheering: :cheering:

Your son has already proven his maturity with the responsibility in the choices he has made. He is a great guy, and I’m sure his life will be blessed.

One day his father will realize that his own life was NOT made better by holding onto money. Money has a way of slipping through our fingers like sand on a dry day. The only real outcome of his actions is the damage to his relationship with his son.

I wish your son luck with his speech, and with all other endeavors in his life. You are a lucky mother to share your life with him.