OT: Google Earth is soooo cool!

I… Can’t… Stop… Looking!
Today, I’ve been to Cairo, France, Germany, Japan, all over the US and Canada… even saw Wacko Jacko’s Neverland Ranch. I can’t stop traveling…

I may never knit again!

My ds has been showing me all the places we’ve ever lived, ever visited, where my dd is in Germany, where he’s going on vacation, and anywhere else he can think of to “go”.

I can’t handle it when he changes the viewing where it looks sort of slanted as the camera moves over the earth. I call it Vomit Vision, and I get very nauseous trying to watch it. :help:

I’m downloading now…

very cool. My boy Jesse thinks it is too.

Good thing I got that gig of ram… that looks like a memory sucker.

Did you know that these are old images? I just looked at work…construction was still going on, and our new assisted living building has been open for 2 years!

Yes, a friend of mine with a ranch in west Texas told me she could tell the image of their place was at least 4 years old, based on when she knows they made certain improvements (added buildings, etc.).

The map of Hamburg is atleast 3 if not even 4 years old, cause the new arena is still in construction on the map…it opened in 2002 if I remember correctly…
Plus, our house isn’t on the high quality perspectiv, missed by approx. 100m :rollseyes:

But it’s fun anyway!