OT - gingerbread house woes

So yesterday my DH had this scheme where he wanted to build a gingerbread replica of our house. I started cooking up the dough and soon enough he was cutting out the pieces to bake. We followed the directions to a T. However, he pieces are sooo soft! I followed the recipe for “Gingerbread Cutouts” in the Betty Crocker Cookbook btw. We even let them sit out over night and they still aren’t solid! Is there any hope or do we need to start completely from scratch? :wall:

Food network aired a gingerbread house competition yesterday. I didn’t catch all of it, but who knows, maybe they had some tips. I’m sure they’ll repeat it a lot. Might be something to check out. :shrug:

The hubby and I are going to start over. I got a new recipe and am going to by some wire cooling racks.