OT Gieco commercials

So whats up with those Gieco commercials with the caveman? :??

The cavemen I can deal with, it’s the stupid spokesperson ones that irritate me. They are NOT funny!! :wall: Personally I liked the gecko best. :shrug:

I appreciate their attempts at being dry and esoteric, but all in all i think they swing and miss a lot. The one where the caveman is on the moveing sidewalk in the airport is funny to me though.

The airport one is my favorite of the bunch.

YouTube link - love the music. The song is known as both “Remind Me” and “So Easy” (Get it? So easy, even a caveman…)

speaking of you tube has anyone seen this yet?My father inlaw sent it to me last night I thought it was pretty funny! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQxjylkY7d4

That was funny! :teehee:

I prefer the gecko too!

I really like the cavemen spots, they’re clever. I’m really tired of the “actor-assisted” spots. Regardless, I haven’t switched to Geico yet :teehee:

I love Reno 911 :cheering:

I like the Geico ones the best… :teehee: they haven’t gotten me to switch yet either…

I love that show too!I showed the video to my husband last night and he said “Is that a real cop?” So I said “yeah you didn’t know that they added a dance routine to the field sobriety test duh!”

They had one a while ago that said “So easy a caveman could do it.”

And then there were the commercials where the caveman were all mad and Geico was apologizing. And it snowballed. :teehee:

I don’t know if anyone’s from the CT area but there was one on there that said you should get Gieco to save money because we need to “keep CT rich”. I thought that one was pretty snobby and annoying, but I only saw it a few times before I think they took it off.

Geico claims our 1990 mercedes was imported illegally, even tho we have the documentation to show it went through a dealer. They still insist we’re wrong. They refuse to insure it at all Therefore, we won’t get insurance through them.

As far as the commercials-- I hate the actor ones. Especially little richard- that guy drives me nuts… all those get muted the instant they come on.

I can’t stand him! What did we do before the mute button came along… :zombie:

I miss the gecko, too. :frowning:

“So I put on some tangerine lip gloss and answered the door.”

“It’s my birthday, fixed my taillights, new bumper”

I like those two of the actor ones.

The airport caveman one is by far the best in the series. It is a little more subtle than the rest. And the guy has great body language!

If you get to hear the radio ads, they are even better. I’m pretty sure they are for Geico, but they are the ones where they hire celebritites to tell real people stories.

The one I die laughing at is Burt Bacharach telling someone’s story for them. “I just got hit…in the rear.” And then at the end" I hope I’ll never get hit…in the rear…again." I am dying just hearing it in my head. Untintentionally hilarious.

That’s my favorite one too. The music is oddly perfect for it.