OT: Former Alias fans, did you see last night?

I haven’t been excited about Alias this year or last. But, now I am! Will, Anna, and Francie/Allison are all coming back. Two cast members are supposed to die: one spy family member and an APO member. The question is, who? I’m guessing Nadia or Irina for the spyfam member and Sloane, Jack, or Marshall for the APO member. It’s not Dixon, that I know for sure thanks to some recent photos of the last episode. I hope it’s not poor Marshall. His little boy (TV son) is supposed to make an appearance before the end – I hope it’s not for his father’s funeral. Tom Grace appears to be working for the bad guys. I wonder who the Cardinal is? Rimbaldi? Hmm… I hear that Sloane goes WAY back to his old ways.

Anyway, I got the old feelings of excitement back when I saw last night’s two episodes and definitely after reading some hints about what is to come. I really hope that Alias ends with a bang the way it all began!

Who do you think told Vaughn about the baby? I am thinking that maybe they(Jack, Vaughn and Sydney) faked his death to protect him from the Prophet 5 people.
I really hope they don’t kill off Jack! Every season I have grown to like him more. He was so sweet last night w/the baby!
I can’t wait for Will’s return! I love him!
Sloane always has been bad, I wonder when the rest of Apo will find out.
It does seem like they are getting back to the good ol days of Alias. If they keep this up it will go out w/a bang! :happydance:
The Cardinal is a mystery. It seems like they are going to have to work hard to answer all the question of Alias in 5-6 episodes. I can’t wait!

I didn’t read this! I watch all my Alias on DVD since my schedule has always been too wonky to catch the show regulary and since I moved in with the DF we haven’t had any television reception. But I’m glad to see that people like it! w00t!

Yeah, I’m wondering how Jack got the message to Vaughn. It was interesting that he was staying with monks… Do you remember the Keith Carradine episode with monks?

I also think the same about Vaughn as you: Jack and Sydney faked the whole thing to protect Vaughn. Looking back, it seems that Sydney was testing her mother when she brought up Vaughn’s death. Irina seemed to know a lot of information, which I think triggered Sydney to clam up about certain things.

I think Jack is gonna get hit. Then I think Thom is gonna be the APO memeber to get it too.

I don’t think Sydney knows about Vaughn. I think Jack knows, maybe even set it up to protect Syd. Remember when he told her “First of all my name isn’t Micheal Vaughn” I mena has to be protected for some reason. They cannot kill off Marshall. He’s comic relief!!

Anyway, the best part of this show is women kicking men’s asses. You just don’t see that every day. This show is one of my guilty pleasures. The writing is so cheesy, the plot ridiculous and the acting can get way over the top sometimes but I NEVER MISS A SHOW!!! :rollseyes: