OT: Fear Factor Live AGAIN

We went to Universal Studios again yesterday. DH competed in Fear Factor Live again, and WON again! :shock: :heart:

He said his new hobby is collecting Fear Factor Champion t-shirts. :roflhard:

wow!!! when is it going to air?

Oh… this was just Fear Factor Live at Universal. Its a live show that they do every day. Its not the TV show. BUT… he did sign a waiver that says they MAY call him for the real show. If that happens, I will freak out!! :slight_smile:

that grand prize could buy a lot of yarn!

Woo hoo! What did he have to do this time?

I think I could handle most of it except for the gross things they have people eat. I can’t even see the previews for that stuff without my stomach churning!

Way to go Silver’s DH!!!