OT:Eye exam

Ok I went to the eye doctor today because the last time I was there (2 weeks ago)I failed the field vision screen so I went back to take it again and I still didn’t get the results he was hoping for my right eye was better but the left eye is not so he is contacting my doctor and he said I need a cat scan so naturaly I am freakin out :hair: I am so nervous because I have had some major twitching in the left eye for the last 3 weeks or so it is not really noticeable to anyone else but it is to me.Now I get to play the waiting game to see when my doctor is going to call me he sounded like it could be something serious.Has anyone ever had this kind of trouble???

I once had sever eye twitching, like you describe where I could feel it but no one else could see it.

I had it checked out by my GP who said it was related to stress and using computers :oops: too much at work and at home.
It lasted a while but now it only happens when I get really stressy.

It could be something like that, don’t worry too much about it - have the scan and see what the results are.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you, hope it all goes well.

Keep us updated!!! :hug:

:hug: I’m sorry… I have had the twitching eye too and was told it was related to stress and my astigmatism will cause my eyes to jump if I’m focusing really hard on something… I hope you hear from your dr soon and its nothing serious… I hope they can do the cat scan in the next few days so you can have peace of mind… :hug:

Thanks guys I feel better already I do think the waiting is going to get the better of me!!

That’s weird. I think messed up on the same test with my left eye. (That’s the one where you focus on a dot and click a button when wavy lines appear around it, right?) I took it twice, and both times were bad. I just had a heck of a time focusing on the dot for some reason – everything was so blurry. (Now I’m wondering whether I was supposed to be wearing my glasses for that one, because I think I took them off.) Anyway, the doc was a bit concerned so he dilated my pupils and took pictures. Everything looked hunky dory so he said I had probably just experienced some fatigue since they did the right eye first and left eye second. (I didn’t have twitching, though.)

I know it’s hard not to freak out, but try to assume that you will have a normal test result, because you probably will.

On a related note, I just ordered new glasses from Costco, and I couldn’t believe how reasonable the price was – it was only about $160 for some stylishly nerdy Bulova frames, high index lenses (my Rx requires the thin kind), and premium anti-reflective coating. This is amazing because the other glasses I was considering from another store would’ve been more than that just for the frames, plus another $215+ for the same quality lenses. Needless to say I was very pleased. I can’t remember whether you had gotten your new glasses yet (I do remember you got an Rx), but if you haven’t, definitely check out Costco. They don’t have the broadest selection, but it’s not bad. If you’re not a member, the savings will more than make up for the membership fee.

yeah thats the test.Thanks :muah: I will keep everyone posted.

I have also heard that twitchy eye (I have it too) can be aggravated by lack of potassium - that is conveniently abundant in bananas.

hope your eye is fine!