OT - Does anybody can?

I’m wondering if you can substitute granulated fructose for the regular granulated white sugar (sucrose) called for in a jam recipe. Does anybody know if this would affect the outcome? Would it gel as well with fructose?

I do a little but I don’t know the answer to your question…I’d be afraid it wouldn’t gel properly…

Yes you can substitute, but you do have to modify the recipe.

Check out some of the larger companies for recipes. Bernardine has a lot of recipes on their website.

I know for a fact that you can even use Jello in jam if you don’t have pectin. And perhaps you would need to use something like this to aid with gelling.

The other side would be to check with the company you get your substitute from and see if they have recipes.

I have a recipe for “Fruit Preserves” which is basically a really thick jam (and how we use it).

It is from a really old cookbook I found. Use 10 cups of fruit, of that, have 6 medium apples. (so for strawberries, 6 apples plus fruit to have 10 cups or a wee bit more is fine). Add 3 cups sugar.

Bring to a rolling boil (that you can beat out) and boil/simmer for 25 + minutes.

This will gel (the apples) and is, in my opinion, low sugar compared to most recipes I found. You get about 6 ~ 500 mL of spread.

The apples take on the flavour of whatever fruit you use, and make a nice texture for spreading (turn into applesauce).

You can in 500 mL jars, hot packed, for about 10 mins.

I’ve used this recipe for years. The nutritionist I was seeing said it was a healthy choice as far as jams go…

Sorry for going off topic, I just thought you could use that if you had too!

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