OT : Do you work at a school?

I am the librarian at a PK-8th grade school. The first day of school is “New Years Day” for me no matter what the calendar says. Our staff started August 3rd and students returned the 10th. This was my first summer of knitting and like Hildie … My room was barely in order. I am usually the first one organized and prepared. Our children are grown so my summers are now “my own”. This one went by TOOOOO fast! I am curious to see who else works at a school and if spending the summer at Knittinghelp made a difference in your being ready for the “new year”.

I also work at school–an alternative high school. I worked six weeks of summer school, so I didn’t have the whole summer off, and we don’t start until next week. I will say this–it’s going to be hard for me not to check in on the computer several times a day, as I could during summer school. At least at first.

I think I’ll have a little withdrawal going on.

This year we’re starting an extra period in the day for kids to have “non-credit electives” which we will all be expected to participate in. Every time the subject comes up, I get a look as someone says. . "a craft, like maybe knitting. . " So I have a feeling I’ll be getting some knitting done, there. I just don’t want them to come here!

I work at a college, does that count! :slight_smile:

Being at KH didn’t effect my school year start so much as my doctorate work. However, when I am doing school stuff/coursework stuff/other work stuff I am always thinking about time I could be spending knitting or being on KH.

When i first read the title, I thought it said “do you work at school” and i thought Is it really work? REALLY??? I mean, I complain about how time consuming all of the stuff I do is, but honestly the time i spend teaching is sun to me! Heck, I get to do music ALL DAY LONG!!! It’s all the extra stuff that’s really work. If i could just teach, life would be so much easier. But there’s no such thing… “just” teaching requires parental communication, meetings, IEPs, collaboration, developing personal relationships, policing, nursing, comforting, etc etc etc etc… all that coul dbe a full time job in itself.

Anyway. I guess I’ll go back to my job now–the fun part is halfway through, and I have a big long “work” part to get through before my last 2 classes!

I homeschool, but I worked at a school for 5 years. What I hated was that it was year round and they didn’t have enough classrooms. We had 1 day to tear down our classroom and get it into storage so the next teacher could have the room and one day to get it all put back together. Needless to say posters were still going up all week and things were always lost.

I just discovered Knittinghelp this summer - I’m usually at school several times during the summer… but I was too busy being inspired from seeing all the beautiful projects and viewing posts … that I did more knitting this summer than I have in years. My DH says that I’m obsessed… I think that’s a good thing??? :?? Anyway, I never went into school this summer - that is so not me!

I teach science and math and for the first time in years, did not take or teach a class! I did cart my son to his sports activites as he didn’t have his license. Luckily, his activities were at night, so days were free to - guess what - knit and read. Life was so very good and relaxed!

We started school the week before Labor Day. Knitting has slowed as school work has picked up. Did manage to knit up two baby bonnets (lacy inset). Since my High School son plays sports, my free time lessens even more (I do bring my knitting for before game and during half time, that’s if I’m not chatting :smiley: )

I’ve even spoke to the principal about starting an afterschool craft club - first craft? Knitting. Then donating finished projects to local charities. I got a thumbs up… :cheering: I’ll be starting it in a week or two!!