OT: Did you ever want to re-name yourself?

In searching for a good name for my new rescued parakeet, I came across this:


I will now be known as
[color=blue][size=6]Azure Michaela K.[/size][/color]



Announcer: And now, please give a warm welcome to AVANI AYLA

cheers, applause

Mrs. Richard Gere :smiley:

hahaha :lol: In that case … I’ve got dibbs on Mrs. Lance Henricksen … :blush:

Cheaters. :fingerwag:

I don’t like this game!!!

My name is now:

[size=6][/size]KEANU TEENI

[size=3][/size]I think I’ll try again!

:mrgreen: Who me?? :mrgreen: I used the program … :lol:
Avani Ayla :wink:

Mine is Reia Floramaria
DH is Yul Shlomo
Levi is: Tausiq Reuben
Owen is: Hidalgo Dewei

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Actually, that’s kinda pretty in a weird way! :thinking:

Mine is
Charlize Urbain King…

How do they come up with these? :??

I’m Nox Tyra.

DH is Waylon Milt.

he’s lucky cuz nobody would marry a guy named Waylon Milt!



:lol: Hi Teeni!! :lol:

Oh I love Hidalgo Dewei!!! (At least, I love it the way I’m pronouncing it) :lol:

oooh this one is hot:

Your new name is:
Talulah Ursala

My daughter has always thought her first name was too plain. Wait until I tell her that her new name is Sveta Veata. :rofling: :rofling: :rofling:

OMG - have a kodak ready!!! :lol:

I am having way too much fun. My 6’6" tall son will need his size 15 shoes to stomp on all the people laughing at Elmer Ulysses! :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Too funny :rofl: