OT: DH is such a dork!

So when I was making my gauntlet, he asked what I was making, and I told him. He asked What’s a gauntlet? I explained to him what they’ve for, and he just doesn’t get it! He asked why didn’t I just knit a sweater? Said it’s funny looking :shrug: Dufusbutt, he just doens’t understand my awesomeness for some odd reason… :pout:

Ehhh… I don’t get it either. :?? :teehee:

I’m sorry, but that just made me giggle :teehee: . My dh doesn’t understand mine either! :teehee:

You just noticed that? Men are different species.

Sorry to ask but what is DH? :oops: :??

:hug: Sharon

DH=Dear Hubby

COOL IMAGE Sharon!!! Don’t be embarassed it took me a little time to learn the lingo in fact there are some things I still don’t understand.

Nadja xxx

you should have told him you were planning on entering a medieval jousting tournament or something :roflhard:

Thanks for that :oops: should have guessed really.

Do you like my sig. its a little racy my DH thinks. Doesnt resemble me at all :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

:hug: Sharon