OT- Cute cartoon avatars

Ok, where are those cute avatars coming from?

I have seen Andrea, Sara Jayne and Vendie with them…

Ok, I am bored at work…

Really really bored…yawn…

:teehee: Actually, a fourm member, cawthraven, has been creating them for us! She is fabulously creative! :cheering: (and bored at work today! :rofl: )

I’m blushing! :aww:

I’m glad you like them. I slacked off really badly at work today. :oops:

It’s just me being silly in MS Paint and taking what I know of people and trying to be funny. :teehee:

She made one for me too - and it’s about my ice cream addiction, and she drew my pet guinea pig too! :cheering: :cheering:

Thanks, Stine! :hug:

Those are really cute! I’ve been noticing them more and more.

(I’m bored at work today too…although I have enough work to do, sadly it’s not my work :grrr: )

We lovz Stiney and her mad drawin skilz :heart:

Yup, what she said!!!

And…in case you are all wondering why we are talking so funnyz it is because Stine also introduced us to this more that fliarious site:


I suggest not drinking anything whilst browsing that site unless you have paper towel near! :shifty:

:chair: that site is too awesome :heart:

I want one too!! Surprise me…


Oh gosh…I feel like the cat who wants another drink. I have too many college papers to write…very tough term…AND my son just made the school swim team, so more running around (gladly, though)…

That is a cute site! :rofl:

Cat macros are simply awesome.

Great site. :thumbsup:

Cool site! :teehee:

p.s. I drew the one I have right now :wink:

This is the one Stine made for me because I need a puppy.

Nat, you asked, I deliver. :slight_smile:

I promise I DID NOT steal any candy! :teehee:

Too cute guys…love the creativity on this forum!


stine rules.