OT: Coupon Gaming--how does this work?

My best friend swears by coupon gaming–I cannot remember the exact name of the program. She saves a bunch of money off of food and hygiene stuff. She pays for a list of some sort that tells her what to buy and how much.

Does anyone know what I’m talking about and is this legal? Sounds a little like a pyramid scam. She pays a company to save money :?? … I told her I was interested, but it sounds to good too be true. And you know what the saying is about things that sound too good to be true–what’s the catch?

TIA! :oops: ([size=1]embarrassed for partially outing my friend & not trusting her judgement)[/size]


Totally legal, no scams at all. You pay a fee to get the list that matches grocery sales with coupons in your area. Especially helpful if you have stores that double coupons – the list flags things that are free or almost free. They also track sale prices/cycles, so they tell you if a particular item is as cheap as it’s going to get, so you can stock up on that item at the lowest price.

True, you could not pay the $1 a week and do all of the legwork yourself (I do) but for some people it’s well worth the cost. :smiley:

and I’m going to search, I think there is a free one out there somewhere…I have it in my gmail…??? I’ll get back to yall…:slight_smile:

I LOVE gmail…:slight_smile: