OT: Cool Links

I’ve been considering creating this thread for a little while. Basically, it’s a series of cool links I’ve seen: Some are knitting related, other’s are not. I intentionally did not include KH on this list for the sheer reason, of “Well Duh!” I also stayed away from blogs in this list. Feel free to add links to the list but tell us what the heck they are and if you are so inclined… why you add it.

Knifty Knitter Video
A downloadable video on using the Knifty Knitter Looms

Veggie Tales
Home of Larry Boy and a Tomato that can’t dance…

Free Web Translator
Free Translation website… several languages included

Online Color Blindness Test
Free Basic Color Blindness Test

One of the best free anti-spyware programs I’ve seen.

Compare Gas Prices
Find and compare gas prices in your area…(USA)

Free Full Figure Knitting Patterns
Patterns for “all sizes of large”

The New Food Pyramid
New USDA Pyramid - interactive website

GREAT idea, Joel!! Here’s my submission:

You choose the colors and thinness/thickosity…keep refreshing until you like the pattern!

I Used To Believe

a fun site with things that adults thought were true when they were kids

Who Would Buy That
Weird auctions from all over the world.

The Carrotbox
Handmade rings… very coooool rings!

BEEEUTIFUL photography

The Darwin Awards
Awards for the human races stupidest examples.

Virtual Lite-Brite

Um… just something weird… and mezmerizing.

The Yuckiest Site on the Internet
Fun for kids and adults alike

Um… that’s about it…
for now.

Hehe… I have a few submissions on there. LOL

ohh I didn’t need to see the Ring link… very cool :rollseyes:

This is a cute ongoing cat cartoon story.


This is where I order my favorite chili from these days. It’s Chimayo chili and it is grown in New Mexico which is where I’m from.


A silly url with a song that gets stuck in my head.


A good menu planner.


A lot of cats…

Important Info page for Diabetics.

Some nailhead transfer designs I’m thinking about putting one on a knitted poncho if it can take the heat from an iron.


what do i keep telling you people?






Check out all those e-mail Alerts and Warnings.


snowflake maker!!!
I make these all year!!!

A quote from the “I Used To Believe” site that was in the “best” category:

I used to think sheep shrank when it rained.


Silver, that Tetka one is SOOOOO WEIRD!! :shock:

That snowflake maker is just so happy!

Here’s a site I try to go to each day … Gratefulness.org

Light a candle:



dang! Some really cool links out there…

:thinking: LOL… my kid and I just spent like 15 minutes messing with the tetka thing :lol:

Here’s three of my procrastination links:

An active volcano!


I use this one to draw cartoons for my friends:


And here’s a really good logic game. The instructions are in German, but you don’t really need them. It teaches you how to use it in the puzzles. Just drag and drop the arrows.


ok… so I saw this link on Silver’s I Quit Today thread… gotta get this one on there…

I’m not sure how Jodi (jodstr2) found this one but it’s pretty neat.


THAT is SOOOOOO COOL! We have been talking about a map like that for AGES!!! :cheering:

found it in a couple of my car forums.
see? those folks are good for something once in a while :wink: