OT - Computer question

Okay - I have a computer question for those who are more ept than I :oops:

I installed Yahoo Instant Messenger on my work computer; don’t worry, my boss knows that I did this; in fact, I was instructed to do it because the company now uses it as an official form of inner office communications :wink: YIPPY!!!

Anyhoo - after I installed it, all my icons either turned white, turned black, become distorted in other funky ways, or disappeared altogether. When I restart my computer, my icons return to normal. But they sooner or later, become distorted again.

I uninstalled YIM for several weeks. My icons were fine that whole time. I reinstalled YIM, my icons are busted again. It doesn’t actually effect the PC’s performance and doesn’t happen 100% of the time (it happens about 95% of the time), but it’s frustrating to navigate with NO icons or distorted icons. Whenever my icons go haywire, I have to either restart my computer or navigate via file names only. What a hassle!

I “googled” my problem, but found no solutions. :??

I want my icons back … :cry: Any thoughts Oh Knittin’ PC pals o’ mine?? :oops:

Your office IT department should know what to do. If the entire company is using YIM for communication, then you could assume other people have had the same problem… if so, they might know how toi fix it already. If this HASN’T happened to anyone else, then IT might be able to prevent it from happening in the future.

Err… if you don’t have an IT person things might be more difficult… Try contacting yahoo and see what they say. Here is their address and phone number.

Nope - we don’t have an IT department. Believe it or not … I’m the one people come to for computer troubles!! :shock: :?? :?? AAhhh!!! What can I say … I can count the number of people in this office on one & a half of my hands … :rofling:

I checked everyone else’s PC; I’m the only one having this problem. But you know what … since my first post, I downloaded antispy software after reading the article Amy linked because some of my PC’s stupid little symptoms fit a couple of the spyware symptoms in the article (ie - my homepage mysteriously reset itself, strange links in my bookmarks blah blah blah…). Anyhoo - there were two spyware programs on my computer. Yikes!! :shock: So I took them off yesterday. I’m thinking maybe they made my icons misbehave :?? I guess I’ll be finding out if my icons get high again … :smiley:

Thanks for the Yahoo contact info :thumbsup: If the spyware removal doesn’t fix the problem, I will shoot them … ahem I mean … shoot them a message :rofl:

What icons are you referring to? When you install Yahoo programs (tool bar, messenger, etc,) it also installs A LOT of spyware. MSN might be a better option for your company to consider, and if you have a toolbar, you might want to consider the Google toolbar.

Good luck!!!

Hi Ekgheiy,

I found a thread where someone else had this problem, check it out.

I use Trillian, and love it. DH says it’s a bit tricky to configure, but it’s an interface that works with any instant messaging service, like AOL, Yahoo, & MSN. It’s also a totally clean program, won’t install junk on your computer.

Good luck!

Well, I am trying Trillian … but wtf??? Boy is it SLOW!! Maybe I need to reboot :?? I certainly hope it isn’t always this slow.

PS: I LOVE that I can sign into both my work IM AND my personal IM at the same time. That is totally kewl! :happydance: Anyhoo - let’s see if a reboot speeds up this bamma! :thinking: