OT: Computer Games, Video Games

I saw that we started a topic on reading, and I was so glad to see the recommendations on good books there!

Now, I’d like to start a discussion on Computer Games and Video Games.

I am a gaming addict, I guess. I play games on my PC (The Sims, Nancy Drew, Adventure Company) and on my Nintendo Gamecube (Animal Crossing, The Sims). I even own a Nintendo Gameboy Advance!

Can you believe that I am 42 years old?

I usually buy my games on eBay, or at a local discount game store like Game Spot. Here is my latest deal. I got all 5 of these games for 40 dollars total (including shipping) on eBay. That’s less than 10 dollars a game!

I’m SO excited about the Agatha Christie game. I’ve been wanting that one for a while. I didn’t want to pay 30 dollars in the store though, so I waited until I got a deal on eBay. It even includes a free paperback of the original story!

I have Agatha Christie “And Then There Were None” (mystery thriller), Crime Stories (a crime solving game), Forever Worlds (a parallel universe adventure), Dark Fall (a scary journey through an abandoned hotel and train station), and Lights Out (a creepy trek through a lighthouse in four different time periods).

I’m so excited!

Don’t be ashamed of playing video games at 42. I once saw on the news that a 80 year old woman plays the old nitendo games for at least 4 hours a day! :shock:

I also like The Sims. I also like playing bored games on the computer like Life, Yhatzee(sp?), and others. An online gaming site that I like to go on is Pogo.com. A lot of those games are fun(like sweet tooth which is just like bejewled).

We are a multigenerational gaming family. We play a lot of games, but we play one in particular, an online space shoot 'em up game called Vendetta. My dad plays (61) my hubby (36) and I (34) play and our son (13) play. Sometimes all at the same time. I love computer and video games. I especially like the sim games, and a game called Tropico. I haven’t had much time lately to play, but I :heart: :heart: :heart: it.

I am such a big geek. Gaming was my second love after reading, and I’ve been playing games since I was 4. I’m not into games like The Sims as much as I am into stuff like racers, platformers, role-playing and action games. I’ve even got a few shooting games, fighting games and sports games. You know, all the “guy” type games. Not counting the older systems, I have a Playstation 2 (68 games), a Gamecube (13 games) and good gaming computer (too many games to count), while my fiance has an Xbox. Though I have to admit I bought most of my games when I was still living at home and had no real expenses. The spending has slowed down considerably since then. :stuck_out_tongue: So I’ve been playing my older games, older PC games especially as they take some fiddling to get working, and I love fiddling around the PC.

I haven’t played in awhile…since I started knitting actually. LOL However I do love computer games! We have Roller Coaster Tycoon, The Sims, Nancy Drew, Syberia and a few others. We used to love Space Quest and King’s Quest, but they don’t make them anymore and they don’t work on this new computer. :rollseyes:

My favorite computer games are mostly solitaire games such as Free Cell, Spider, Forty Thieves. At www.pogo.com I usually can be found playing Squelchies, Lottso, Jigsaw Detective, or Bingo. Haven’t played as much since getting back to knitting and crochet.

BTW, I just turned 61. :lol:

OMG, Jan!! I’m a former King’s Quest addict!! Someone rewrote them for free download to play on the faster computers. Let me see if I can find the link. KQVIII works on my computer.

EDA - found it!

OMG, Jan!! I’m a former King’s Quest addict!! Someone rewrote them for free download to play on the faster computers. Let me see if I can find the link. KQVIII works on my computer.

EDA - found it![/quote]

:shock: That is awesome! I’m going to give them a try! Thanks! I’m glad you know what King’s Quest is. It’s been gone for so long I don’t think most of the younger crowd knows. Did you play Space Quest, too? It was hilarious!


OK I am an addict. Started in the 70’s with an atari 2600. Run forward a bunch of teen years etc where I didn’t game at all - then got a Game Boy and was addicted to tetris. Then got addicted to Super Mario Land and the entire Super Mario and Wario series. Follow the first Super Mario with Zelda. Best. Game. Ever! I LOVE the zelda series. I then dated a guy who was HUGE into gaming and introduced me to so many more.

I got an N64 with many games. One of my all time favourites is Space Station Silicon Valley - not many seem to have heard of that but it is brilliant and has much hidden comedy in there.

Then came Everquest, very very addictive and I put this addiction down to the cause of the break up of our relationship. So my “game boy” departed and I carried on. I have a Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Color, Game Boy DS and the other one that folds in half. I’ve not played game boy for quite some time.

After Everquest was Dark Ages of Camelot. Then, I was invited in to the World Of Warcraft closed beta. I finally quit the game in March and took up knitting.

I recently bought a PsP too which I LOVE - I have yet to downgrade the firmware on it to play homebrew games but I’m going to do that soon.

Other favourites: Rayman, Kuru Kuru Kirikin (or whatever it is called - puzzle game for GBA), Silver (and old PC game), Thief. I love RPG’s, platformers and adventure games, I also love puzzles that test your reactions. I am not so keen on Sims / Civilisations type games. I have Black & White 2 which is ok but I just get fairly bored with it fairly fast. I prefer things that constantly change, so platformers and RPG’s for sure.

Edit: OH! I also have a game cube. Can’t wait for the new Zelda later this year - it looks awesome!

OMG, Jan!! I’m a former King’s Quest addict!! Someone rewrote them for free download to play on the faster computers. Let me see if I can find the link. KQVIII works on my computer.

EDA - found it![/quote]

:shock: That is awesome! I’m going to give them a try! Thanks! I’m glad you know what King’s Quest is. It’s been gone for so long I don’t think most of the younger crowd knows. Did you play Space Quest, too? It was hilarious![/quote]

Yep! We did Space Quest and Liesure Suit Larry, too! :happydance: In fact my grandson still plays KQVIII. He used to sit on my lap and watch me play. He still calls it “The Man Jumping” game.

Ahhhhh such a great topic. When I first dated my husband he told me I was on a “trial” period. I had to try out Everquest and I had to like it enough to play with him. If I didn’t like it, he couldn’t date me b/c of his LOVE for the game. Well needless to say, I fell in love with it. We played Everquest 1 until Everquest 2 came out. We play Everquest 2 together (yes we have 3 computers and cable to handle our addiction). We still play Everquest 1 from time to time and SWG (Star wars gallexy). My hubby enjoys the shoot’em up games (hey he’s a texan) but I like the sims.

I’d like to try out Guild wars and city of heros sometime.

Hmmm it’s always a hard deicion between Everquest 2, reading or knitting! And then you throw our almost 21 month old son into the mix. So little time!


Gosh I also forgot: Lineage 2, City of Heroes (its a LOT of fun but I lost interest too fast - it didn’t hold my interest like EQ etc), Shadowbane (urgh shadow suck more like =P)

Oh my lord, I did not mention DAoC. I gave my life over to that game for a year. I quit in February 05 but I still feel the pull to re-activate my two accounts quite often. I even found out how to run my own server, thinking this would alleviate the problem. It didn’t, so I stopped doing that. Hib/Gawaine, if you’re curious.

Edit: OH! I also have a game cube. Can’t wait for the new Zelda later this year - it looks awesome!

Me neither! Except I’ll be getting a Wii along with it and Metroid Prime 3. I’ve been a big Sony fan the last 10 years but I think Nintendo’s got the right idea now. I’m going to have to really want at least 14 exclusive Playstation3 games before I’ll even consider it, at the price it’s going for. :shock: $500-600 plus tax, that’s a lot of yarn! Or a decent lens for my camera. Or new rims for my car. You get the idea.

That’s how I got started on video games! I watched my dad play hours and hours of Wolfenstein and DOOM. I still love them! I don’t like the newer first person shooter games because there are too many freaking buttons. :mad: I like shoot, open, and MAYBE jump, and that’s IT. :roflhard:

I just got into World of Warcraft and it’s all Angelia and Vendie’s fault. I’m trying to get my dad to play it. :twisted:
I’m also a Sims 2 addict (I played the first ones before 2 came out, too). My roommate and I have lost whole Sundays to that game. I like Animal Crossing, too, though I haven’t played in a couple of months. My biggest Game Cube addiction is Harvest Moon games. :drooling:
I have a hard time sticking with any game long enough to beat it, though. :rollseyes: I’ll play for a while, give it up for a while and play something else, and by the time I get back to it, I feel like I need to start over.
I have a soft spot for kids’ games, too. :blush: If I could find the Super Solvers series again, I would be thrilled. Gizmos and Gadgets and Treasure Cove were my favorites!

I love it! I’m not a geek at all! We ALL love computer games. Weeeeee!
:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

My addiction to gaming was at its strongest when The Sims Online first came out. I was a beta tester before the release, so when it came out I was a “founder” in the game. That game was so immersive because of all the interaction with other players. I built a HUGE house with several roomies, and pretty much LIVED in the game. I just kept it running all day, and would turn up the volume if I had to step away.

It was getting ridiculous, so I had to cut myself off - cold turkey. I decided it was time to live my real life.

I think that was the exact time that I started knitting - 3 years ago. I can’t remember what made me want to start, but I think it might have been a sweater in a store I saw. I’ve always been fascinated by beautiful sweaters. So, I decided I wanted to really try knitting. I bought a pair of needles and a skein of bright red yarn. Then I found some free videos online and stared at the computer screen for hours, playing the videos over and over with the needles and yarn in my hands. I finally caught on, and the KNITTING ADDICTION took over. :twisted:

Sure I can! But then my mum who is now…45…no…47(I’m not ashamed I don’t know her age right away cause she forgot it herself last month! Kept saying that next year would be the big number :lol: ) and she’s the one who brought the first console(a Sega if I remember right)!

We used to share a love for role-playing games, but she’s not playing them anymore since she got a half-time job.
But I remember that as a little child we used to order a lot more food, cause “somebody” forgot the time :lol:

Now my brother is the one who has a gamecube and a ps2. There’s just no space for any console in my room.
I don’t play much anymore anyway. I get obsessiv about games and stay up way to long playing. I also tend to forget doing stuff like homework…
My last obsession was Morrowind and though I was only steps away from completing the main quest I stopped playing when I had to prepare for exams. I haven’t started again since then(a few months ago), but I sure will this summer after the next exams are done.

How appropriate timing of this post! I just bought a Nintendo DS today for the SOLE purpose of playing Animal Crossing, which Cate has talked about on here!! :cheering:

I will never get into WoW!! Ever!! You can’t force me (as fun as it looks when you guys talk about it!!)

I have The Sims and Playboy Mansion for my PS2 (I traded my other games for a Roller Coaster game…so I only have 3 games for it now!)

I heard the new Leisure Suit Larry game is fun, I really want to check it out!

I ADORE Animal Crossing! I play it on Gamecube, though. I have spent so much time on that game, and love every minute.

My house has a basement and a second story, but I never can get my entire furniture collection together. I think the wallpaper and flooring were the easiest part!

It’s so cool watching the seasons change in the game in real time. But, I hate it when I haven’t played for a while. Coming back to a house full of bugs is a real drag!

I’ve been eyeing that Nintendo DS set with the Animal Crossing included. It’s on my list!

My 5 (almost 6) yo is the gamer in the family. My dh bought himhis first game boy when he was about 3 and he had the Bugs Bunny Crazy castle 2 game. The kid got to the last level in about a month, at 3. He refused to solve it, though, because it has a witch on a broom that chases you around and it scared him. He now has a Game Boy Advance and a game cube. I’ve been buying his games on e-bay, and dh gets some when they come into the store (he works at a Goodwill), but he beats the games so fast that I hate spending the money. He got the Star Wars Episode III game in March when we were leaving for Florida and beat it after about 3 days. I can’t even get past the first level on these things!!

I do have a couple of the Nancy Drew games for the computer, but I get frustrated, then I get online and find the cheats. I’m a gaming dud. Oh, but I did get addicted to Animal Crossing on the GameCube for a while right after we got it. Haven’t played since we moved it up to the kids room.

I’m so old and have been playing games for so long that I met dh on a MUD… and we’ll be married 14 years in Sept.

My favorite golden oldie was Ultima Underworld. My first MMORPG was Asheron’s Call, then Dark Age of Camelot, then Shadowbane (can you say buggy?) then WoW, and now DnD Online.

DS7 is – as I type – bugging me to come play Neverwinter Nights with him (yes, we’re networked at home). Even huking barbarians need their mommies I have a dual class cleric/rogue named Mom “Here honey, let me heal that booboo… watch out! There’s a trap! Let me disable that for you dear…”