OT: Christmas lights

This website is somewhat off-color, but this video is not- and it is hilarious!!!


Forgot to add- make sure you have your speakers turned on!! :smiley:

That is so cool! Its right though I would really hate to live across the street from that house.

:shock: I’ll bet his electric bill is fun to pay! :shock: I’d also hate to live across the street!

someone has WAYYYYY to much time on his hands!!! and money to burn.

LOL I got this in an e mail last week… I think its SO cool! They def. have way too much time on their hands :roflhard:

Yeah that one has been making the rounds… :slight_smile:

I actually had someone at the theater come up to me with a full screen version and ask me to watch it last week… :slight_smile: it’s a good one…s et to good music :slight_smile:

HOLY CRAP!! I am NOT NOT NOT showing that to my DH!

Looks like those poor trees are trying to find a way OUTTA THERE! :roflhard:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

I think I’ll ask him to put that up here instead of the usually string of lights on the deck. What do you think? :roflhard:

That is extremely clever, though. What a lot of work. I hope it was used for a degree in Electrical Engineering–the term paper, so to speak.

Holy Cr@p! I hesitate to show this to DH, he still fantasizes about how one day he’s gonna hire a cherry picker truck and load our two 40ft. pine trees with lights. The man’s gonna git kild!
:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

That was really cute

very long! and now apparently there’s another song (on the main movie page)…i didnt click it though