OT: Check Your Peanut Butter

Peter Pan and Great value peanut butter with product code 2111 is being recalled for salmonella contamination. Food poisoning.

Check your labels folks.

I saw that. We have Skippy fortunately so we’re okay.

OH Brother…what next?? :shrug: Seems like nothing is safe to eat anymore. :?? Thanks for the warning.

I actually had an unopened jar of the recalled peanut butter in my cupboard. Scary! I would’ve been feeding it to my almost 3 year old. :grrr:

Trader Joe’s brand here.

Thank God we only have the reduced fat Smuckers peanut butter. Makes you scared to think why we seem to have lots of outbreaks of this or if they are just more accurately determining where and why people are getting sick. I know the numbers are statistically really low but it’s sad for the small amount of people who have had problems. :oo:

A lot of it is increased accuracy, I think.

I worked at a summer camp near Bear Mountain, NY. This camp has been in the same place for 75 years, and in 200…3? I think it was 2003…they kept declaring that our water wasn’t safe for drinking. It probably had always been a little on the unsafe side, but they didn’t have the technology in place to test it. They kept changing their story every other day, so we wound up with a water truck that summer.

I wonder if anyone tested the water truck? :teehee:

We use Trader Joe’s organic…thankfully. I wonder what it will be next.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

Cat food. I saw an article about it yesterday.

I know there are a lot of cat lovers here so I wanted to share.

I’ve been posting this around the online places I frequent as well as my blog. One person on my blog site had just eaten some of the contaminated stuff. I hope she doesn’t become ill.

Thank goodness, my peanut butter in the fridge is from Kraft. :thumbsup:
Thanks for warning :wink:

I don’t eat peanut butter. It makes my pizza all soggy.

How weird that I NEVER buy Wal-Mart brand peanut butter but picked some up not too long ago to save money. Plus, I had a jar of the Peter Pan in the pantry too.

Both had the 2111 codes on them. Too bad they were both almost empty. Oops…

Dh has Crohn’s, so tummy aches are a normal part of his day. We probably wouldn’t have noticed mild symptoms.

Going to send in my caps for a refund, though.

HOLY CRAP!! MY DD has eaten 1/2 jar of that crap!! Shes had diarrehea(sp???) the last day on and off, but no throwing up or fever. Ill keep an eye on her… but I would think that if she had salmonilla poisoning it would have been apparent by now…

As a long time sufferer of IBS (over 30 years) I can sympathize with him. While the cause is different, the symptoms are identical.

DO WHAT?!?!?! :?? How did pizza find it’s way into that sentence?

We had three jars of the recalled Peanut Butter here and two were half gone. I eat Peanut Butter everyday and lots of it. Thankfully we are fine. I threw them out and am mailing the lids out this morning.

[color=blue]Found our jar this morning! Jeeze… half gone… I ate a sandwich Sunday and promptly had to rid myself of it (enough details lol) Did not think much of it because PB sometimes upsets my stomach. Back to Hannaford it goes I guess. Good luck everyone.

anne [/color]

My mom’s co-worker’s sister … has a dog that has been soo sick the vet was treating him for something… when she seen this yesterday and called the vet up to let him know… the dog loves peanut butter and that is how she gives him any kind of meds and plus she gives him a little bit when she makes their PB sandwiches… so they think that is what’s wrong with him now… and her dh thought he had a bad stomach bug… I’ve tried greater value before to save money and dh and the kids wouldn’t eat it so back to Jiff we went…

Thanks for posting the cat food too… went and checked it out and its not our brand…