OT: Cervical Cancer Awareness

It is also one of the cancer types that women with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) are at risk of developing, though not one of the main ones.

I developed PCOS at puberty, and wasn’t diagnosed until age 22, after I blacked out while driving when my blood sugar hit an absolute low.

Kit ordered.

I just talked to a friend today in the grocery line whose sister (who hated doctors and never went) died of cervical cancer 2 weeks ago after finally having such a terrrible lower back pain that she was taken to the ER, put in the hospital, and passed away within 10 weeks of finding out. Her doctor said it was quite possible she had only had it for about 3 months ,though, because it was such a fast moving strain. Maybe all cervical cancers strains AREN’T like that one!!

I’m so sorry for all of you who are dealing with this!!

The more I read this thread the more upset I became. I wanted to poke the powers that be with a knitting needle. Let’s get this vacinne and information out there.

I just wanted to bump this up because the FDA approve the vaccine for 4 strains of HPV that cause cervical cancer. yay!


I’m so glad you bumped this!

My first pap came back abnormal. So, I went in and they cut chunks out to test. I have stage one something or other (I can’t remember right now).
When I first found out I had abnormal cells, I was looking online and found out about HPV. Then I got scared. At that point, I was negative for HPV. But, I’m still worried about it.

It’s amazing how many women have it, and don’t even know about it. What’s frustrating is that there’s not a test for men.

But with this vaccine…that’s just awesome! Not that it’s something that we don’t have to worry about anymore. But what a relief to know there’s cure.

As soon as I can afford to, I’m going to go back in and get checked out again. I know it’s very important, but with my move, and now moving again I haven’t had the time or money yet.

I have a big list of things I’m going to do once we get this condo thing squared away and this is at the top.

I could just cry today, this news made me so happy when I heard it on the radio. I’d like to add that the 4 strains of HPV cause almost 70% of all cervical cancer. This is a very big day today and should be celebrated as a holiday!

Now, if we can just move some people away from the idea that vaccinating young women against something that causes so much suffering and illness is a bad thing…

I do agree with you Carmen, this is a [color=red]red-letter[/color] day.

I’m incredibly happy too! I want to run around shouting the news at people. :rofling: My stepdaughter is turning 13 next month and I’m really hoping this will be made available to her. I have HPV and have had to have precancerous cells removed. I just can’t imagine any girl/woman going through that when there’s the chance that she might not have to!

I saw it on the news on the tv at work.

Then they said they’d be discussing the “moral arguements” ater. :rollseyes:

I didn’t even KNOW about HPV until I looked it up and thought I had it.

I like what the tetnus quote said. :lol: Although, I would like to point out that rust has nothing to do with it (according to my HS biology teacher. It was so funny mentioning it to him. We’d get out of class for a whole day listening to him rave about it. :rofling: )

I guess I’d like to hear the “moral arguments” in favor of cancer!

Good point!

So, does anyone know if this is just for women, or can guys get vaccinated too? Obviously, they don’t have to worry about cervical cancer, but for the HPV. (We’re pretty sure he has one of the strains.)

Removed to my blog thread… Don’t want to get too “political” on a thread that should be neutral and informative.

From what I’ve read, the vaccine has only been tested on women, not men. But I hope that testing would show that it is effective for men as well.

For the anti-vaccine crowd, I’d really like to know how on earth can you guarantee that your theoretically virginal daughters won’t eventually marry men infected with HPV? Obviously in this situation, monogamy and faithfulness will not prevent infection (80% of all women by age 50).

OK, correct me if I’m wrong… but when I heard the announcement the FDA made to release the vaccine, the report said it would be for women 9 to 26. What about women 27 and over! I’m 37 and I actually had a call back a couple weeks ago that my Pap was abnormal and they want to test me for HPV and possibly do a colposcopy!
The most common thing I’ve “read” online about HPV (webmd, and just googling it) a couple weeks ago was that it’s a sign of genital warts. WTF? DH and I are totally monogamous since we’ve been together 14 yrs! But all I “hear” on TV is how it can lead to cervical cancer…Which is it?!

And I’ve wanted to voice this for weeks, and don’t know how to to anyone I know here where I live… but I didn’t appreciate the tone the Nurse Prac had when she called to tell me I may have HPV and that it’s transmitted from sexual contact and that I should discuss this with my “partner”.

I’m in no way an expert, but this is the infortmation I’ve learned in my research. My experience was horrible medical staff-wise too. They told me absolutely nothing, just that I had abnormal pap results and they had to do a colposcopy, biopsies, and then cryosurgery to remove the cells. Thankfully, I’ve since gotten new doctors and had things explained to me.

There are many strains of HPV… some can lead to genital warts, cervical cancer, and even cold sores. You have HPV for many years without having any symptoms or abnormal paps. This makes it pretty impossible to figure out who/where you got the HPV from.

I’m also curious about the age thing. I’m 23, nearly 24 and wonder if I’m eligible for it. Also, am I even eligible since I’ve already had abnormal paps in my past?

Do you mean to tell me that in the States you have to PAY for a pap smear??

I had CIN2 changes a few years back, with a mild HPV infection. All CIN has been clear since, I was due to get another smear done when I fell pregnant, but they wouldn’t do one due to the fact it could trigger a miscarriage. I will be having another smear done as soon as I can after the birth.

My insurance covers the “yearly” as I call it. Basically a complete physical to include a Pap…I’ve never had more than one a year so I’m not sure… worth checking into. I’m pretty sure it would because most tests for diagnostic purposes are covered. Besides, who goes for a Pap just for fun? I told dh about the checkup i have in a couple weeks and how they referred to the colposcopy as similar to a “paper punch” I thought he was gonna pass out.
Welcome to my hell babe!

Pap’s are covered by the government in Australia. We don’t need private health insurance to cover it…

How very odd…

Boy, you’d love the fact that it was only just in recent years that Medicaid (insurance for those that may not be able to afford insurance) started covering mammograms? Can you believe that who knows how many women went without having a simply test to hopefully detect breast cancer early?
Argh! :doh:

Okay… maybe Medicare doesn’t suck afterall… (available to everyone, funded by the Government, totally free of charge)…