OT: Can you translate these crochet instructions for me?

I’m on the very last part of a crocheted belt and I’m confused!!! It says:

FINISHING: Ch 1, working along side row of diamond & belt. For tie, ch 85, sl st in second ch from hook and in ch across Working in opposites side of first row of belt, sc in ea sc, rep from * to *, working along side rows of belt and first diamond.

I don’t quite understand the part in bold lettering… Are there any crocheters out there that can rescue me? Otherwise I think I’m going to just attach an I-cord for the tie. :roflhard:

I think what they want you to do is to slip stitch in each of the 85 (actually 84 since you start in the second chain) chains to make a stronger tie. So basically, you’re making a chain, then working it back in slip stitch.

IMHO, I-cord would be easier, more stable, and prettier. (I hate working slip stitches in chains!)

It sounds like you just chain 85, and then double back on itself, slip stitching into the second chain and then in the other 83 chains to follow, so it’ll be a two row chain. That’s how I would interpret it!

edit: psammeadred beat me to the submit button! but at least we agree - the first row into the chain of crochet is so hard to work!

I-cord it is, then!!! :slight_smile: I tried doing what y’all suggested and it just looked awful (not to mention a pain in the tuchus with it being a foundation chain) so I’d ripped it out. I thought I’d done it wrong.

Off to I-cord. :cheering:


This is the first forum I’ve posted at that was almost like a real-time chat room. Knitters rock! (of course, so do crocheters!)

knitaddict, don’t forget to show us a pic of your finished masterpiece!

Oh… I dont’ know that it’ll be a masterpiece. LOL I’m a VERY inexperienced beginner when it comes to crochet, but my philosophy (sp) is that I’ll never learn if I don’t just jump in & try something difficult. kwim?

I’ll post pics when it’s done. :slight_smile:

Good decision. It’s just silly to build an artificial barrier between knitting and crochet – they are intimately related and completely complimentary. Nowhere is it written that you can’t mix knitting with crochet with whatever.
Especially when a slipped-stitched chain is by nature an ugly loopy mess while an i-cord is a thing of beauty. The pattern writer should have known better.

I finished it yesterday and it actually looks pretty good. :cheering: All that’s left is to clean it and then I’ll see about getting a picture of it.