OT buying a front load washer

We are buying a new washer and dryer. I would really like the front loading type. I was wondering if any of you have one, and if so what brand and do you like it? I was also wondering if anyone knew of a website that would compare them and rate them. Thanks. :muah:

epinions has a great site that individuals can write up reviews for things and offer ratings. They have a nice area for appliances and washers/dryers http://www.epinions.com/Washing_Machines--reviews--front_loader

I’ve been scoping them out myself, and I’ve come to one conclusion, buy the Kenmore model that is the closest match to the name brand model you like the best. Odds are it will be manufactured by the same company, at the same plant. You will save money, and Sears is very well known for standing behind behind their Kenmore, and Craftsman product lines. I am not connected to Sears in any manner, outside to shopping there. I will say that I owned a Kenmore side by side refrigerator that was for 6 years, that was at least 20 years old when I bought my grandparents house. I ended up giving it to friends after I moved down here to SC, and they used it for 3 more years. Back to the washer’s, you can’t go wrong with a front-loader(if you have the room for one, door clearance), they use much less water, and power. Also, everything I’ve read said they do a better job cleaning, while being gentler on the fabric. They even save you money on detergent. I’m going to buy mine after the holidays are over.

One thing about front-loaders: once you start the cycle, that’s it. No “oops I dropped a sock, let me stick it in” for these puppies.

Otherwise, from what I’ve heard, they’re neat.

A front loader type was our first washer. Maybe if we had a base for it like they sell nowadays, I would have liked it better…also didn’t like it for the reason psammeadred mentioned above…also the door gasket had to be replaced every few years…the floor would be flooded from the leaking. I never want one again.

I would like one, but I don’t think you can felt with them. :??

My old front loader was a Eurotech – a brand I’ve never come across elsewhere. I was very happy with it: it was so quiet I had to go into the laundry to check it was still going, it was very gentle on clothes so that they wore out noticeably slower, and it never leaked, overflowed, or got unbalanced. It was still going strong after 10 or so years.

We replaced it with an LG combined washer/dryer when DD was born. I’m less happy with this one. It often leaves clothes very damp, gets unbalanced loads frequently, and when that happens there’s no indication of where it is in the cycle! So having fixed the unbalance, you don’t know where to restart from. Oh, and it leaves a lot of lint all over the clothes (which is probably from DD’s cloth nappies).

you can pretty much see the rated results of anything here, I subscribe so I have complete access.

for those of you that have one, what size did you go with? I have 3 boys and have at least 2 loads a day if not more, and the oldest is only 6. I can’t imagine how much laundry I will have when they get older and have bigger clothes. I have been looking at the 3.5 - 3.8 range.

Ooohhh I too have a front loader and I hate it with a passion. Do you know how many times I’ve walked away, “just for a minute” during the initial start of the load, only to completely forget about it and then you’re stuck till its done. :doh:

I realize its a safety issue, but it’s an annoying one. We have no kids so no worries there.

Plus, the rubber/plastic part of the drum gets this moldy build-up on it after a few washes. It’s completely disgusting. (I make hubby clean that one!!)

PLUS SIDE: It does save on water and detergent. Other than that I don’t notice my clothes any cleaner than when we had a top-loader.

Sorry its not more of a positive reply, but sadly the truth is the truth…good luck.

I have had one for 3.5 years and I love it. My brother worked for Frigidaire and I bought one of their scratch n dents off the line (both washer and dryer) and of course, as usual, can not see any scratches or dents!

I have never had a mold issue but i never leave the door closed unless there are clothes in there. Mine also only goes into safety lock down if it moves into a spin cycle. the only time i have ever needed to stop it mid-cycle was to throw extra clothes in that i forgot, which doesn’t happen often, or when i was felting…which i can do though it does take longer than most i suppose. It is much more energy efficient, less water, less detergent, less wear and tear on the world! I bought one of those giant 200 oz bottles of detergent more than three years ago and i FINALLY ran out of detergent a couple of months ago. and i do laundry ALL the time so it isn’t like it isn’t because i don’t have kids around dirtying up the joint…i probably do as many loads of laundry as the average 3-4 person house hold (yeah i really do forget to take the laundry out of the machine…lol)

as far as why your clothes may be wetter with your new LG machine, one thing my brother told me when he installed this one was that if you don’t do full-ish loads it won’t spin out properly…so if you are doing small loads let me suggest putting in some heavier loads!

My name brand is actually Electrolux. LOVE IT!!!

Sorry I have lots of questions. Can you use normal soap or do you have to buy special stuff?

I have always used regular detergent until this time i bought some…i got high efficiency this time. i don’t notice a difference and the price wasn’t really any different that i noticed.

oh one of the girls in my knitting group (that i have been woefully neglectful of :frowning: ) said she is using really expensive detergent because it doesn’t take much soap and she figures she can afford to spend more…lol

seriously…it is like a couple of tablespoons at the most that you need to use.

i still just use tide.

and you use less fabric softener and bleach too since there is less water in the machine.

I have LG Tromm ultra capacity front loader washing machine and dryer. They are about a year old and I’ve been very happy so far. No problem with the gasket, but I do wipe it off and leave the door open for a bit after a load.

I use regular detergent and am happy with the results. Mine will allow you to pause it once it has started to throw in the inevitable sock that didn’t make it in there in the first place. After a certain point, it will remain locked and you have to wait for the end of the cycle - but by then the forgotten sock wouldn’t really get clean anyway. I really like the fact that the dryer finishes drying in about the same time as the wash cycle, so when you’re doing lots of laundry, there is no delay between loads.

As for felting, I can’t recommend it. I made three pairs of felted clogs. The first two pair I felted in the front loader and was disappointed they didn’t come out as nice looking as those y’all post on the site. Plus I had to stand there and keep resetting the machine since it would lock up and hold them hostage beyond 10 minutes or so. I felted the last pair of clogs in our top loading machine at our summer home and they came out FABULOUS.

I can’t leave the door open to air out because it’s in our bathroom. (They stand on top of each other) and so if I did leave it open we’d ram into it evertime we had to use the potty!! :roflhard: :roflhard:

Unhindered potty access is extremely important! :roflhard:

My niece had a different brand front loader and had the same problem you describe. Hers were in the kitchen by the back door, so also an unappealing location to leave the door open to air out!

We have a Maytag Neptune front loader that we got in 2000. A few years ago there was a class action suit against Maytag because of problems with the front-load washer (which has since been redesigned). Our big problem was mold on the door gasket. I filed a claim, Maytag claimed they never got it, then later got in touch with me to set up a date for free repairs under the lawsuit after all (very interesting…). Someone came out and replaced the entire door, lots of different mechanisms, did a very professional job… upshot is no more mold, and I don’t wipe it out between uses. Other than the mold, we’ve always been very happy with it, and I’ve felted a booga bag in it with no problem.

You can open the door again for a short period after the first cycle starts, until the door locks. There are indicator lights for the door lock, and you always know what cycle you’re in from where the dial is pointing.

All in all, we’re very happy with it. (But I’m angry at Maytag for initially lying about not receiving my claim, and not sure I’d buy from them again because of it.)

From everything I have been reading at http://www.epinions.com/Washing_Machines--reviews--front_loader

Lg seems like the brand to have. We were looking at whirlpool, but maybe we will have to start looking at this brand.