OT.....but why can't I select an avatar?

When I go to the gallery, there is nothing there to select.

I tried also. I don’t think there are any there. I went to Google Images and typed in knitting and 80x80 (b/c that’s the size u need). But you could ask Google Images for a picture of anything that size. Hope this helps. ~Brooke

You can also put in a picture of your own. Just make sure the pixel size is 80x80, like Brooke said, and the overall filesize can’t be more than 6kb I think.

Glenda… it’s much more fun to make your OWN avatar up.

Then it’s you you you not somebody else’s creation. :happydance:

i gotta say i have tried that and i can never get them small enough that it is distinguishable as to what they are. and i thought i was better at this computer stuff than what i apparently am! :wink:

There’s also some dicussion about avatars and image sizes in this thread: http://www.knittinghelp.com/knitting/forum/viewtopic.php?p=9664#9664