OT- but I need to put this out there

Because if I tell a bunch of people then I will have more accountability.
I am starting this (along with being on Weight Watchers)


WOOT! :cheering: GO Nuno GO. I myself completed the BFL challenge not too long ago and got myself fit, also found myself having a lot more energy to do things.

I was on WW last year and had VERY good results… :slight_smile: lost something in the range of… 40 pounds…

you go!! :slight_smile:

:thumbsup: :happydance: :balloons:

Hooray!! Sounds like a solid plan. Good for you!

Good for you and good luck! Be sure to keep us all posted on your progress!! We’re here for ya!

In my best Rob Schneider in The Waterboy imitation

You can do it!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Good job nuno!!! That sounds like a cool plan; I’ve been on a program since January, and having support from DH and family/friends has made all the difference. I like the couch potato-to-runner system… before I started exercising I hadn’t run in the absence of mortal peril in for-EV-er. I might try this when school lets out. We will cheer you on!

YEAH Nuno!! I am also a WWer!! :slight_smile: albeit SLOW…i did promise myself that I’d get back to exercising this week…hmmm…maybe I’ll actually DO it!!! :slight_smile:

OK … everybody KEEP TALKING … you’re beginning to inspire me!!!

Well for the first time ever I am really excited to exercise. Today was my day off and I was a little disappointed.

I am about 25lbs away from my goal weight and I have con-ed my husband into getting me a pair of Seven jeans when I hit it! Screw WW’s and their key chains! I need something a bit more as reward! :thumbsup:

Awesome! Let me know if you have any questions or need support…I have been running for years. It is not always easy but the BEST way to keep in shape. :cheering:

My son and I did this exact running program last summer and wound up doing 5K’s together. With school and work we lapsed over the winter, but we’re going to start it up again soon. It is a very do-able plan and sooo worth it!!
Have fun!

My 15yo DD told me that she wants to start running. I’m going to get her started with this program. She does karate 5 days a week and has lost 30 lbs since last September. She was terribly unathletic and I wondered what would happen the first time she got hit in karate, but she LOVES it. She begs to go to “fight night” where they get to spar. A year ago, I wouldn’t have bothered showing her this website, now I’m excited for her because I know she will do it. I might try it with her, but I have asthma and I’ve never experienced running as anything but torture. And since she’s 15, she may not want to be seen with me anyway. :lol:

I did the C25K last year and then in the summer with my kids who were 9 & 10 then. It really helps you stay focused and excited about jogging. It is a very doable program to follow. We plan to start it again this summer.

Oh, here is a post I made when I finished it last year with some tips.

[color=blue]H e l l o R u n n e r s,

I completed W9D3!!! I feel wonderful and excited and proud and tired and wind blown. I got up at 5:30 am to run and it was windy (40 mph gust). I’d rather run in the rain than the wind.

On March 1, I was reading through all the threads trying to find something that would work for me, this one jumped out. I have never liked running but hey I was in a rut and wanted to try something new. So I printed out the Couch to 5K schedule (thinking sure I’ll be able to run 30 min straight) and started the program the next day.

At first it was a pain trying to keep track of how long to jog and how long to walk. So I took someone’s suggestion and made a note on a post it and stuck it on the treadmill or carried it in my hand.

0-5:00 WU (warm up)
5:00-8:00 Jog (in red)
8:00-9:30 Walk (in black)
9:30-14:30 Jog
14:30-17:00 Walk
17:00-20:00 Jog
20:00-21:30 Walk
21:30-26:30 Jog
26:30-31:30 CD (cool down)

If you have an extra $100 buy a Forerunner cause you can program it to beep or whatever. Plus it does a bunch of other neat stuff too. Nope, I don’t have one yet. (Umm, graduation gift.)

In W5 I was pushing myself too hard with weight training on my rest days and became exhausted. I slowed myself down and focused more on my running days. Make sure you don’t push yourself too much and listen to your body.

The first few weeks I did my runs on the treadmill and then I started doing Day 3 outside and then the last 3 weeks I did all my runs outside. It is recommended that you set your treadmill at a 1% incline (but I didn’t read that until I was totally outside). For me running outside was so much harder but more enjoyable.

On the treadmill I would watch every second go by. Then when I started the longer runs I started wearing a kitchen timer (bought it at K-Mart) that would clip to my shorts. I’d set it for half the time so I’d know when to turn around and then set it for the other half of the run. This way you don’t have to watch the clock. The time just flew by. There were even mornings that I couldn’t wait to get out and run.

I feel blessed that I was able to complete this program with no injuries—sure I was sore sometimes but nothing major. I can’t believe that I can run for 30 minutes with NO breaks. It is an awesome and rewarding feeling.

I have truly enjoyed being apart of the Couch to 5K group. I know having this group to come to for advice and encouragement is what kept me going. It’s funny how you don’t want to miss a day because you feel that you will let someone down that you have never met before.

Thank you all for helping me graduate from the Couch to 5K!!

Do you have anyone to do it with? Having my kids made it fun. They’d get up at 6:00 or 6:30 and we’d be laughing while running down the street. I’m sure we woke up some people.

I’ll be starting it in a couple weeks. Make sure you post on the boards that helps you stay motivated too.

Most of all don’t give up and have fun!

PS Sorry this is so long! :rollseyes:

I played sports all the time growing up. And it was ingrained in my head that running was a punishment.

You missed a foul shot – run a lap
You struck out – run a lap
You through the ball away – run a lap
You misread the coach’s signals – run a lap

So I’ve never gotten the hang of running for “fun”.

My husband and I started weightwatchers (online, not the meetings) about 2 months ago, and I love it. I’m 11 lbs and about 2 inches down and have about 10 lbs and a few inches more to go. I use my elliptical machine pretty much every day, and I rock climb at my local rock gym twice a week. It’s a GREAT workout, and very fun too.

I’ve heard about this couch - 5k thing on the WW online community boards. I’ll have to give it a second look. Now that I’ve gotten into working out so much more, maybe I can finally kick that “running is a punishment” mentality that I’ve been carrying around for so long.

For those of you who are looking for a little inspiration – I really do like this WW thing. I lost the first 6-8 lbs without working out at all… just eating a WHOLE lot better. Seeing the results of those first few pounds really inspired me to start working out and losing more and more.

Wow, this is inspiring!! I’m trying to get on an exercise schedule too, for better health. I know my body needs more exercise, I spend a ton of time sitting at a computer, and very little time moving. My MIL, who’s very fit, told me the other day that you need to do weight-bearing exercise to keep your bones healthy and to prevent bone-density loss, and osteoporosis. I know I’m young to worry about that, but I can seriously just feel my bones weakening as I sit and never exercise, and my body aches sometimes, just for no reason. I’m sure I’ll feel great from getting more exercise. I think if I don’t push myself too fast, it can be enjoyable… I want to try something like this!

Have any of you runners tried using weights in your arms as you run? I want to work out my arms too. DH & I just started biking last week, but running would be cool in that maybe I can do my arms at the same time? Is that practical? :?? I love our biking, especially because we have a tandem, but running might be even better; or fun to do both. Is there a program like this for biking?

Not sure if there is one for biking, Amy, but you might check out the Body for Life program in which you can incorporate biking for the cardio exercise.

Have any of you runners tried using weights in your arms as you run?

My personal trainer said never do that. I can’t remember why now :?? … but I got reamed for it