OT: Bragging!

I am so excited that I just got my results from my RID test and I am now a Nationally Certified Sign Language Interpreter! Had to share the news!

I am too excited to work on the baby blanket I am working on for a woman at my work!

Kelly :happydance:

that’s awesome! you should be so proud of yourself! I always wanted to learn ASL, and I know a little, but to be an interpreter? That’s so cool!


Only sign here! :wink:

great job–there is a lot of need out there! :wink:


awesome- congratulations!!

:cheering: :cheering:

Congratulations! I took a sign class in college (I majored in Speech Path in college but didn’t finish :crying: )
Anyhow, I’ve been seeing a lot of info and such about teaching sign language to kids even without hearing loss. I am really interested in this for my two little nephews, and perhaps someday my own kids. A friend of mine is a speech path special needs teacher and her little guy has learned more words in sign than he knows with normal speech through her work. she finds he’s not as temperamental about not being able to communicate with her when he wants something.
very cool for you! signing is such a beautiful way to communicate!

me and my brothers and sister learned to sign before we could talk. It provided a way to communicate with my brother when he was non-verbal until he was 4, and a way for us to communicate with each other when speech would have been inappropriate.

I taught my Kids ASL when they were toddlers
now if I need to talk to them over distance, or in a Loud are, I just sign
they know if I use ASL, they have NO EXCUSE to say they did not hear me
looking away is rude and WRONG
I mix it up and throw in new words every week or so, then they keep learning
I find their vocab improves by 5-6 words for every new one I throw in without telling them

Did I tell you all I am a MEAN MOMMY?

My SIL does the sign language for their church services & song services too. She is one unbelieveable person. She sews, knits, you name it, she can probably do it. :notworthy:

I wish I could have learned as a child, oh well, I’m learning to knit! One thing at a time. :slight_smile:

:cheering: thats wonderful… before we moved here and I became a SAHM I was starting school for this… I took a course and was gonna move on… now its on hold while I’m at home with my babies but I teach them… My son picked up on it faster when he was my daughters age… once they are both in school I wanna finish my schooling hopefully not sure what i will do cause I still wanna be basically with them…still a far ways off though to worry about those details lol… CONGRATS :happydance:

That is wonderful! I have heard that getting RID certified is hard. I am a first year ASL interpreting student due to graduate next year. I am going to take the written right after graduation and then wait for the preformance. I am trying not to think about that part yet. The thought gives me hives :roflhard:

:happydance: :cheering: :cheering: :balloons:

Very cool!! Congratulations!

I, too, have been interested in ASL for a long time. I used to help out one of my teachers in high school for one period during the day, and one of her students was deaf. So, on the days when her interpreter couldn’t be there, I would do my best to get the information across to her. We had a lot of fun, and I learned a lot from her. (Wish I could still remember it!)

I used to use a few signs w/ my 2 DC when they were younger … you know, “sit down,” “no,” “yes,” “STOP IT!” :LOL:

I started taking a class way back before DS was born, but I was pregnant at the time, and it was in the evening. I was just getting too fatigued toward the end of my pregnancy, and then there was the matter of not having anyone to sign WITH.

Someday, I’ll sign myself up for a class w/ both kids, and we’ll all learn it together!

Oh … look how I’ve rambled when all I meant to say was, “YAY YOU!!!” :cheering:

Fantastic! Congratulations :slight_smile:

Most excellent! I took a sign language class as an electve in college, although I think it was Signed Exact English. It was so much fun. I think my favorite sign was “turtle”.

So what are the signs for “yarn” and “knit”? :wink:

:cheering: Congratulations! :balloons:

Check this out:


Knit (click on “K” and choose “knit” from the list)

Great sites!!