OT: Beautiful Saturday Afternoon

Wow… What a great day we have had here in the Old Dominion, up around 75 with pretty blue skies. Much better than the 56 inches of snow we got here in Fredericksburg during the winter.

Up to 32 degrees here in Fairbanks and a beautiful sunny day but we have nowhere near the amount of snow you have down there.
It has been a very mild winter here in Alaska. I am ready for it to end. Unfortunately the low snow year may contribute to more forest fires.

:stuck_out_tongue: Close to 80 here in Savannah today. Got outside and planted some tomatoes, blueberry bushes, peppers, and a couple of dill plants. Sure hope we don’t get a late frost.

I’m watching The Cult videos on Youtube while I work on this lame intro to Multiregionalism for the debate in Anthro class on Monday.

Our high today in Central Texas was 37 F and it was raining and unbelievably windy. (Or as a long ago weatherman used to say, blowy). My allergies are acting up so bad right now I can barely stand it. Thank God it’s time for the next installment of meds.

Well, I have to say I really enjoyed today… I wanted to ride my motorcycle so I got the ol BMW out but found my battery was dead. :gah: So I had to get it out and hook it up to the trickle charger.

Hey there is an idea…I wonder if I could find a BMW Motorrad pattern to try and knit, that could be uber cool.

Today was up to 82, but a few days ago it got up to 88F here in southern CA. :thumbsup:

Gotta say though it’s still pretty cool at night with some nights in the 40’s. Last night it was probably low 50’s and DH left the slider open and had turned the heater down a few days ago. I got up and it was 66 inside which feels so much cooler on this darn laminate floor! Brrr! Good thing he didn’t turn off the heater completely yet or I would have been forced to beat him with my frozen arms. :lol:

I wonder if I could find a BMW Motorad pattern to try and knit, that could be uber cool.

What’s a Motorad?

Sorry now I’m slipping my R’s anyway Motorrad is the motorcycle business unit of BMW…My German is not very good but I think it means motorcycle. What I would like to find is the blue and white BMW propeller symbol with the word Motorrad in white letters all on a black background. An advanced project to put in my queue.

Fort Worth update…I was dressed and ready to go out with a friend, looked outside and :noway: It’s SNOWING…AGAIN. At least this time it’s (as they would say in Arizone) a DRY snow:roflhard: But, cold is cold!