OT: Baby Shower

I am having a baby shower for a friend in September and am looking for ideas for tasteful games. (Apparently my friend’s mom is expecting games).

At my shower (thrown by my sister) she had paper and pens out for people to leave me mothering advice. After they dropped their card in they could take a gift (bath/spa products). I read each card and then opened the gift from that person. Guests were also asked when their birthday was and the person whose birthday was closest to the baby’s due date received a huge bouquet of flowers.

So I plan on doing this at my friend’s shower but am also looking for one more idea. No smelling things in diapers or crossword puzzles.


What about the old memory type game? You bring out a tray with several baby items on it and let everyone look at it for a minute. Then you remove it from the room and have everyone list what is on the tray. Whoever gets the most right wins.

I did have a cute decoration idea. I’ve done this in the past at baby showers and it is always a hit. If you are having a punch bowl, use a round wreath ( any type of greenery) and tie pacifiers, rattles, little socks, etc into the wreath. It looks really cute and the guest of honor can take all the little goodies home with her. You can also do this with a garland that you lay out across the table top.

Take some yarn and measure the mommy to be’s belly before everyone gets there and then have everyone pull off what they think is enough yarn to go around her belly and the one that’s the closest gets a prize, we have had so much fun with this game.
we’ve also used toilet paper and counted the squares; this works well because there is a little ‘fudge’ room; but sometimes the toilet paper tears-not good.

Maybe baby-theme related Mad Libs? (although I don’t know of any off the top of my head, there might be websites where you can make your own)

Something like Pictionary, again with baby-related words?

We played a game at my cousin’s shower, where they removed the lables off of different jars of baby food. Then they passed them around the room, and we were supposed to guess what they were by looking only (no sniffing). Whoever got the most right won a gift.

We also played on where each person had to diaper a doll while blind folded. :teehee:

Thanks for the suggestions, I think I may work on the Pictionary idea! I think I would have been mad if someone had measured my girth while I was pregnant. Just my opinion though, please don’t take it personally.


some women aren’t ok with others measuring their tummy, others get a kick out of it. I thought it was funny when we did it; no offense taken. Have fun!

I had a baby shower for a friend and we had a drawing contest. Everyone took a paper plate and pen/pencil. You had to put the plate on top of your head and draw on it. It was funny. Of course my baby had very large elephant ears. :teehee:

Take the names they picked and write them down for all to see. Now, give something like 2 minutes to see how many other words they can come up with from the names.

that game doesn’t work when there is family there…i fully cleaned up on prizes at my s-i-l’s shower and they said it was because i have been working with those letters in my name my whole life! :teehee:

yeah i took my prizes and ran! :rofling:

That’s pretty funny. :rofling:

I’ve done this at a few showers: when the guests arrive they get a necklace – string with some baby charm (pacifier, bootie, etc) attached. When you hear another person say the word “baby” you get to take their necklace/all the necklaces they are wearing. The person with the most necklaces at the end wins. It sounds kind of lame, but it’s actually pretty funny – some people are really into it and try to be all sneaky, eavesdropping on others’ conversations and trying to get them to say “baby.” I like it too 'cause it’s not a “now, let’s sit in a circle and play a game!” games…it’s more social. :smiley: