OT- Art Cases

This is off topic but since you are all such talented artsy folk I thought I would see if you could help.

I am looking for some type of inexpensive but sturdy art case. My kids are in a homeschool co-op class for Art. They also bring home art from Sunday school and create tons on their own. We display current masterpieces but I want to save what is currently not being displayed (which is growing quickly). I looked for cases and portfolios and most of them seem for the serious artist and cost $60+ dollars a piece (I need three!) I did find a cheap papery cardboard on that was only $8 but wouldn’t last.

Any ideas?


Oh also what I do is when chilluns is sleepin is a sneak into the room, take out some of them so the pile is miraculously smaller the next day. Kinda like the tooth fairy. The Lightening the Load Fairy! :cheering: SOme of them I toss but most of them go the grandparents. They love that stuff.

We do toss and gift quite alot. Crayon scribbles, coloring pages, etc. But I really want to save the Art from their art class especially as well as special pieces made from church and on their own. Since they are homeschoolers I feel the need to create portfolios of their work. I also want them to know that their art work are “works of art.”

I did look at Target and didn’t see any. I will look again. Maybe just my target didn’t have any.

k-mart has onw. its colored on the bottom and clear on top. i don’t remember how much it was but i’m sure it wasn’t a lot.
my son really hastn’t brought home any drawings this year. but last year when he was in K he did. i used a very bog shoe box. maybe you SO has one. it was from a pari of boots so it was huge!

Hi Vicki,

One thing I had (and still have) for all my kids was a box that lives under my bed. The first ones I got (20 years ago :shock: ) were the cardboard kind from Kmart that you fold together. Anything the kids (or I) really wanted to keep went - “IN THE BOX”. The kids even learned fairly early to tell me if something was for the box. Most of the stuff is flat, so the box holds quite a lot. About every four or five years we’d go through the box just to see how they’d changed. I didn’t always keep all the ‘perfect’ stuff either, but sometimes stuff with interesting or funny ‘mistakes’ that they’d laugh about later. :rofling: By the time they got to high school everyone needed a second box and we moved up to Rubbermaid storage boxes, but even my college age children still give me stuff ‘for the box’. :cheering:

Have fun and keep the memories! :happydance: :happydance: