OT: Arm vs Leg Hair

I was watching the Scooby Doo movie the other weekend, when I noticed Sarah Michelle Gellars arm hair. It got me thinking…why is arm hair generally accepted on woman, but not so much the leg hair?

Sorry…Random I know…but what is up with that?

LOL!!! You are much more observant than the average, I suppose. I dunno the answer, you gave me more to think about than I want to while I’m washing dishes, but as a quick think response, why is head hair acceptable and actually preferred on women either?? Who makes up this stuff? Where DO the rules come from anyway??? EEK. I’ma knit. Soothe the ruffled brain cells. :rofl:

why is head hair acceptable and actually preferred on women either??

I know the answer to that one, but to avoid starting a religious debate I’m not telling :slight_smile:

Oh, Mike, you are a tease! Another thing to contemplate whilst washing the darned cat. I mean dishes. She’s glaring now, better go get her a treat. And finish the dishes. Oh, and arm hair keeps your arms warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Necessary stuff. Spoke to the big guys about it. :knitting:

It’s a societal thing. It’s like eyebrows. Centuries ago women shaved them off and now we couldn’t imagine why anyone would do that (and yet we pluck away). It’s weird at any rate.

My sister actually plucked all her eyebrow hairs once…by mistake, just kept plucking til there wasn’t much left…it was amusing.

But if arm hair is meant to keep you warm, then surely so is leg hair.

AngelaR is right…it has to be a societal thing. I should think that all the hair we have is necessary for something as nature did give it to us.

This is kinda OT but my boyfriend shaves his legs. I joke I’m the only woman with a boyfriend who has stubbly legs.

He is a “roadie” (think Lance Armstrong etc) so they tend to shave their legs for asthetic reasons, mostly. Took me awhile to get used to the idea lol.

See…that is the other half of it. It is “odd” when a man does it, in some situations even frowned upon - When I was in highschool, I was in a community theatre group, and we put on Cabaret one year. If you know anything about it, you will understand me saying that two of the guys we in the chorus, shaved their leg and chest hair for a tap #. (one of them was only a year or two older than I was, the other was in his 40’s) man did the whole cast rib them for it. Mind you…it was funny…

Then I remember being at camp one year, and one of our dance instructors didn’t shave her legs. Her hair was fair, but I do remember quite a buzz about it when she wasn’t around…How could she NOT shave her legs…Interesting…What is the big deal…either way…It isn’t gross…IMO.

When I was younger I’d probably be kinda ewww about female leg hair etc, I think I’m too old to give a cr…hoot anymore. One thing I can’t handle is uber hairy backs on men, like they’re wearing a sweater. Ewwww!!!11

Waaay back when I was in high school, it was OK in Europe for women to have hairy legs. Is it now?

I wish it was ok in the US. Save a lot of trouble. The hair removal industries incuding salons will [I]never[/I] let it happen.

Maybe we girls should all let it grow, and spin it into yarn, and then knit or crochet leg warmers or arm warmers with it! :whistle:

I’ve always assumed it was because leg hair tends to be coarser and more noticeable than arm hair. and something to do with the modesty of women covering their legs, so now when they aren’t covered… they aren’t covered.

My brother is a swimmer (ok he’s actually a tri-athlete now) and one of the swim-boy traditions in high school was a full-body shave before State. arms, legs, back, head - hair creates drag, you know.
But swimmer boys are hot (despite how disturbing it was to see my brother in a speedo… there were others to look at) so nobody gave them crap for it.

LOL :roflhard:

Seems to be what the “group” decides is acceptable. I didn’t shave my legs for quite a few years back when I was a hippie. :lol: That was fine and accepted in that group, but when we went to visit family I remember my husband’s sister’s preteen girls being amazed by the fact. Some men seem to be put off by leg hair, but again it is the mind set. The hippie guys certainly weren’t and my husband never has been. I usually don’t (and haven’t since high school) shaved my legs in the winter (shh, don’t tell the world, they may reject me:chair: ). I wear long underwear in the winter with socks over that and then pants. I even wear my long underwear/socks to church with a dress/skirt, warmth is more important to me than style and everyone knows I used to be a hippie so I get away with quite well. (In fact a few people counter with “used to be?” when I say we used to be hippies. :shrug: :slight_smile: )

But despite good training :wink: my three girls are all leg shavers all year and I think all three of them (can’t remember about one of them for sure) have been arm shavers as well. I don’t get it. I know one of them told me she had quit shaving her arms now (I’m not even certain which DD it was–these things really are not big issues with me). None of my girls looked like gorillas, take my word for it.

One thing I have been noticing, after menopause and as age advances it seems I have less leg hair to worry about. :thumbsup: I may advance to the age where I don’t even have to shave in the summer. :lol: I’m looking forward to it.

Ewww! :teehee:

Merigold - Good points! :wink:

lol I am the same way I hate hairy men I’m glad my husband is almost incapable of growing hair lol I think he has a total of 3 chest hairs and he couldn’t grow a beard/mustache even if he wanted to!

Honestly…I don’t bother with my legs unless I need to, and DH doesn’t care…he only ever really notices when it is in that prickly to the touch stage…

The whole deal is a lot of maintence for something that seems trivial…