OT: Apple Martini's

Okay, let me start off by saying I don’t drink. Not because I “can’t” but because I’ve tried a few different ones and they all taste awful.

I was wondering what the hype is all about with the apple martini’s. I love strawberry daquiries and that’s about it. I’ve tried different kinds of beer, OMG, I have no clue what everyone likes them for. :ick: YUCK!! Okay, I’m done with that now, and I have had champaigne and, again, YUCK.

The last drink I tried was a Mango daquiri and please don’t get me started. :roll: So what do you think?

What does a martini even taste like? Fruity? Should I give it a try? My hubby’s the beer drinker, ugh, I just don’t get it. I am a fussy eater by nature, but at least I do try things that sound gross to me. :teehee:

Any thoughts?

Regular martinis are pure alcohol. Usually Vodka or Gin and a splash of vermouth. Apple martinis (and other flavored martinis) are made with flavored vodka and maybe a splash of juice.

If beer and wine turn you off (and I’m a huge wine drinker, but I can’t stand beer) perhaps you should try fruitier drinks. That is, if you really want to drink. Alcohol-free really isn’t a bad way to go.

I can’t stand beer either. :ick: My drink of choice would be a mudslide (Kahlua, Bailey’s, vodka). Yummy. Kahlua is good. The Smirnoff twisted “malt beverages” are pretty good. They come in quite a few flavors. :shrug:

No, it’s not that I want to drink, it’s just that I have been seeing a few tv shows that say it’s such a great drink, but vodka?? I don’t think thats the way to go, hmmm. :??

The only tini I have tried, is the chocolate martini… and I gotta say, delish. Everyplace makes em different, so they can vary in colour. My favourite club has since closed, but their Chocolate Martini’s were water clear, so when I spilled some, (i always did, too crowded) I never had to worry about stains.

They taste cool and light, but distinctly of Coco Puffs. That’s the most direct flavour resemblance. Pure Coco Puffs. I love them.

I too am not a big drinker. Don’t like wines AT ALL… blech. Champagne…yuck! I hated beer for so long, until I dated a guy who only drank it… And after a long summer of endless beer, it sorta grew on me. They really aren’t kidding when they say it is an accquired taste. I still won’t drink it for the heck of it, but now and again, a good bottle of blue sounds good. I prefer chocolatey and fruity drinks. Sex on the Beach or Blue Lagoons are incredible. Blue lagoons especially because they are mostly juice, than alcohol.

I tend to stick to virgin drinks… I hate mussing up delicious flavour with the nasty flavour of rum… yuck.

i actually had an apple martini today. or at least a version of one. it’s called the adam & eve from houlihans.

i usually NEVER drink. today was sort of a special occassion.
for me though, it’s not 'cause i don’t want to… it’s because i somewhat physically can’t… when i drink i get really bad stomach cramps and the rest of the night i’ll be either really gassy or i’ll be stuck sitting on the toilet (if you know what i mean). not really a good trade-off. i usually drink, at most, twice a year. :shrug:

a basic apple martini consists of vodka mixed with something like apple schnapps. pretty simple. the martini i had tonight was in a really modern-looking glass and the rim was ‘sugared’ with cinnamon-sugar. it was like drinking an apple pie. =) :happydance:

I personally haven’t had a martini, so I don’t know how they taste.

But, several years ago, dh and I went on our first cruise. Dh thought he was going to be cool and ordered a martini “shaken but not stirred” like his hero, James Bond.

The look on his face when he had his first taste was priceless! He could not stand the drink, but he was trying to be all cool and manly. It was torture, as evidenced by the pinched look on his face. :clink:

I don’t think he ever drank another one. :teehee:

I had a drink this summer I think is called a vadka gimlet. Tasted like lemonaide. OOOOoohhh so gooooood. Especially on a hot day, slurp slurp

I’m drinking a pomegranate fizz right now. Oh so yummy. I also like fuzzy navels. MMM.

I tend to like fruitier drinks myself. An Appletini tastes like a green apply Jolly Rancher. My fave is a pink lemonade martini…YUM!
I also have been known to have the occasional lime vodka and lemonade…looks like Mr. Clean :teehee:
My usuals when I don’t feel adventurous is a Tom Collins (like a Shirly Temple with gin) or a White Russian. I like margaritas too. I don’t like hard liquor, but with the right mixers, not so bad. I’ve actually given Capt. Morgan a try after all these years and a Morgan Coke is a good standard.
I sound like a lush, but the only time I have more than on is at the very occasional get together… time for one of those again it sounds… :happydance:

Beer gets a bad rap:) Try a Chimay!

I never really got into hard liquor, other than a shot of something in coffee. My sister-in-law gave me a bottle of this Godiva chocolate liquer that was cast off from an abortive attempt at chocolate martinis, and that was outstanding in coffee. It is fairly spendy stuff though so i wouldn’t go out and buy it, especially considering I am more or less a black coffee type anyway.

Martinis are :ick: if you ask me. The fahncy ones are all made with some other liquor in them, for the flavor. Apple pucker is used most frequently for appletinis. I don’t like regular martinis because I don’t like the taste of vodka martinis, and gin…well, gin and me had a wild night, and we decided that it would be best if it stayed at a one night stand. The flavored martinis are too sweet for me.

I personally like beer, but it did take me a while to acquire the taste. I still am picky about what beers I drink. I like red wines, but not white–with the exception of champagne.

My hard alcohol tends to be whisky so I don’t know how helpful I’ll be.

But my alcohol tastes changed A LOT from when I first starting drinking. I’ll still drink the occasional sweet cocktail (usually a daiquiri or a margarita), but mostly the sweeter are drinks are too sweet.

When I first started drinking, I looooooved Midori Sours: Sour mix, and Midori (a melon liqueor). It tastes like a jolly rancher. Fuzzy Navels are really good, or Sex on the Beach.

I’ve tried a couple of the flavored martinis, and I didn’t like them. They still tasted pretty “boozy” to me, but then again, I don’t like vodka, and it seems that’s all that martinis are made with these days (I know they used to make them with gin instead of the vodka, but maybe that’s not “hip” these days? I might not like them with gin, either though) I really wanted to like them because martinis look really cool in those glasses and everything, but I just can’t do it. Pretty much anything with vodka is out of the question for me.

Personally, one of my favorites is a raspberry margarita. It’s sweet and tart at the same time, and you don’t taste the alcohol. Mudslides are great too, especially the ones at Applebee’s made with ice cream…talk about DECADENT!!! But boy, do they sneak up on you if you’re not careful! :eyes: There’s also a recipe I had a long time ago for a slush made with bourbon…that was REALLY yummy!!! But I do like bourbon/whiskey, so maybe I’m partial. It had strong brewed iced tea in it, frozen lemonade concentrate, frozen orange juice concentrate, and bourbon if I remember correctly, all blended to a slush. Very yummy, but again, it sneaks up on you!

I’m not a huge wine drinker, but I do like the sweeter wines. Riesling is one of my faves, and Mavrodaphne (which is a very sweet Greek red wine–probably considered a “dessert” wine) is great over crushed ice.

As you can tell, I have quite a sweet tooth! :oops:

Flavored martinis are usually made with vodka because it has no taste (except for the taste of alcohol.) Gin has a sort of flavor to it. I liked the taste of my gin martini and gin & tonic during our One Night Stand, but they were really strong and um. Well, that was a crazy night, and it ended in the bathroom. And I was hungover for two days. :oops:

Ahhh, college. :rofl:

I just watched The Break-Up and that was Brooke’s (Jennifer Aniston) favorite drink.

I’m with you. I cannot stand the taste of beer. I don’t like much else either, come to think of it! I do like my friend’s homemade Bailey’s and I do like a Wallaby Darned from the Outback. Other than that, I drink mostly water. :slight_smile:

I cannot get over how many different kinds of drinks there are! You all are making me lean towards my usual Strawberry Daquiri. :teehee: Which I just had a few hours ago, YUM!!!

I usually order it virgin, but forgot tonight and I didn’t taste a bit of difference, so I wonder if they use like a teaspoon of the rum in it? :??

I’m afraid that the hard liquor would send me straight to the toilet. :ick: I’m quite a wimp when it comes to foods and drinks so I think I’ll stick to my SD and live my life much happier in my strawberry patch!!

Thanks for the heads up though, I really appreciate it. (so does my tummy)

I like the friuty martinis, but you have to be careful because some of them are way too sweet. I can’t stand appletinis, since I hate that apple puckers they put in it. Watermelon or pomegranate is good. And I always like a cosmo.

Well, Midori is DEFINITELY not hard liquor. I used to put vodka in it to add a punch to my punch. :teehee: (I made a punchy! Er, punny! A funny!) :rofl:

The problem with sweet drinks is that they tend to give you a bigger hangover, because of the sugars. But if you are only having one, then it’s not a problem.

In my not so humble opinon there is only one martini: Gin and a hint of vermouth. All those flavored drinks with the “tini” at the end of them are not martinis.

That said, I haven’t had a martini in years and here’s why. DH was in NYC at the Plaza for a business meeting. I met him there and was going to stay over a night, spend the next day shopping and going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and then meet him for a client dinner after which we would drive back home to CT.

I had a great day – didn’t eat much cause I knew we were having a big dinner. I met DH at the hotel and we went to the restaurant to meet the clients. They were a little delayed so we waited in the bar for them to arrive.

We both had a drink – I had a martini – and I remember thinking that it would be a great idea to have an appetizer to absorb all that alcohol in the martini – but I didn’t. Then there was wine with dinner and an after dinner aperitif. :clink:


The next thing I knew I was waking up at the Plaza the next morning. :ick:

Seems I was way too sloshed for DH to even attempt to take me home. He said something about wishing he had a wheel barrel to put me in to wheel me across the lobby. Then he mentioned something about a snickering concierge. :oops:

The upside of the story is that the only room they had for us that night was a suite on a upper floor with a great view of Central Park!

Ever since then I have lost my taste for gin :eyes:


That sounds like why I can’t drink gin! :rofl:

Except my night involved a screw driver, a couple of shots of vodka, going to a frat party, chugging most of my beer in front of the cops busting up the party (I thought there was a couch between us. I was wrong.), going back to the pre-game place, and having a gin and tonic and gin martini that were basically half and half.

I knocked over a lamp, “christened” my friend’s toilet (it was September), and then christened my own toilet the next morning. The lamp was okay, and I can’t drink gin anymore.