OT: Anyone sew too? Need help


I need a little outfit made for a build-a-bear. They don’t have anything close to what I need (matching another item in the home) so I was thinking either trying to find baby clothes (dont’ see that happening) or contemplating doing it myself. I do have a vintage machine that works. All the boys were forced to take home ec in my junior high back %$@ years ago, but really, that is the last time I have used a machine or worked a sewing pattern. I do remember how to thread the bobbin and do a somewhat straight seam…

I just need a little vest and a little pair of pants. Is this something that I could muddle through you think having been away from it so long?

I am also considering knitting the items, but I already have so much on my plate knitting-wise and her birthday was tuesday. (I came up with this fabulous idea a little late, but she has funny little guildeine about handmade gift grace periods, and I have 51 days left.)

Thanks so much!!!

The bears come in various sizes so if you know the size you could go to a fabric store and look at patterns. Also check online.

They probably have bear clothes and also Cabbage Patch Kids clothes may fit, to. You have to know the size though.

Thanks, Jan!

It’s the Monkey from Build-a-Bear, he’s 18 inches… I’m just concerned I don’t have adequate skills to craft clothing. I vaguely remember cutting out the tissue paper pattern and cutting the fabric to match it and pinning and so on, but I don’t even think I would recognize the symbols used in a sewing pattern. :frowning: I think I might be in over my head here…

I started sewing when I was 10, but I think a vest and shorts are very simple so you shouldn’t have any trouble as long as you get the right size. Take the measurements…probably height and circumference would do and look at some patterns.

If you can knit you can sew. I’m a new knitter and only an occassional sewer but I can sew much better than I can knit! It is easier to sew, I think, you can always take apart sewing- well you can take apart knitting but I always get a little confused doing that.

That said look for Simplicity or Jiffy patterns- they are easier. It’s a matter of following directions. All patterns come with directions that explain what each pattern piece is. Some might have keys or translations for the symbols. But the rule is mainly to match symbols. So if a seam on a pattern has a diamond and you are attaching it to another peice the two diamonds should meet. Make sure the machine really does work- practice on some scraps. Oh you can buy a device and tracing paper to trace the pattern lines onto the fabric so when you sew you can see where to go. Most sewing involves remembering to put the right sides together and allow for seam allowance- usually 5/8ths often this is marked right ont he machine so you have a little guide as you push the fabric through. If you haven’t really sewn it is a bit daunting at first, often the clerks at the fabric store can give advice or you might know someone who can help you out. Doll/bear clothes being smaller might also be a little trickier than people sized clothes, but it doesn’t sound like you are trying to make teeny tiny items so you should be okay. Shorts is usually 4 peices of fabric and some elastic. A vest might be 3 or 4 peices.

Good luck.

The American Girl Doll is 18", if that helps. If you do decide to knit something, there are patterns for those dolls in the Free Patterns section here.

Good luck and have fun!

I would go with a cabbage patch kid outfit, they have a little more give. I have tons of those patterns. What did you have in mind for the fabric. I could whip a set up and trade for yarn or something. PM me if your interested. I just finished an overly large collection of cabbage patch clothes for my nieces :slight_smile:

thank you all so much!!! guess what i forgot! my friend that i taught to knit back a few months ago sews! i’m such a dork! i saw her for knitting last night and it all came back to me, so she’s going to help me. luckily i have already scored crafting points in teaching her to knit. :wink: YAY! Thanks for those links, too, Jan. Butterick actually makes patterns explicitly for those 18-inch bears! YAY!

now, it’s on to finding a build-a-bear sized knitting pattern for pointy shoes and a hat with a REALLY big rolled brim…

thanks again, all! :smiley: