OT Anyone Ever Lost Their Diamond?

My husband and I were engaged by phone on Sept. 2, 2004 … we had never met in person, only via the internet … he asked me what kind of engagement ring I would like and he being a home designer and builder designed a ring based on what I told him … he had it made and when I arrived in Vancouver three weeks later, he gave it to me … we had two wedding bands attached to the curved engagement ring to make one ring …

You can imagine my horror when I was returning this morning from the dog groomers to leave my dogs for a bath and I looked down and NO DIAMOND … :crying: this was a near 1/2 carat center stone … a hole was left … it didn’t fall out of the claws, the claws and all were gone … I called my husband, he was horrified … I was planning on going to the LYS as it’s near the groomers and pick up some baby yarn they had ordered for me and I didn’t even feel like going there … I came home and scoured my sidewalk where I take the dogs … this morning Kyro had picked something up off the floor and I had visions of it being my stone and having to go on poop watch to find it … :noway:

I went up the stairs looked in my studio by my computer as I picked some wool off the stone last night when I was knitting so I knew I had it then … I went into my bedroom and looked right by my cell phone plug which is on the floor and there it was sitting by the cord … when DH looked at it, it appeared as if it was glued on by crazy glue, the tip of it wasn’t more than the head of a pin … the only thing I can figure is when I had a fall last week it may have jarred loose … I couldn’t believe I found it, I called my groomer and told her no need to look in her shop and I was in tears when I called DH and told him … we are going to have the whole rings taken apart and put back together more solidly …


Oh my gosh! Wow! Scary!

I’m so glad you found it!


OMG–I’m so glad you found it–you are so lucky!! I’ve never lost a diamond but I do need to take my ring in b/c I think one of my diamonds may have a fracture and if so I think it’s b/c of tension. Fortunately my ring came from a store where they will replace it if anything is wrong w/ it that I didn’t cause. They’ve already replaced it once (for a really silly reason but they wanted to replace it so I let them!!)!

Take your rings and have them put back together–Good luck!

I’m really glad you found it!!!

Is good you found it. Modern diamonds aren’t set nearly as well as the older ones were. You’re right, they are basically glued into many settings these days. It would do you well to have it reset every few years.

I have a habit of staying in a particular hotel in WI every few weeks. They have come to know me there and the woman who works the desk often has my registration card filled out by the time I get inside to the desk. She knows my truck when she sees it.

Well, one time when I was staying there I had removed my 1.5 carat diamond earring and set in on the sink to take a shower. It was a gift from a woman I was dating several years ago.

A day or so after I checked out of the hotel I realized that I didn’t have the earring. I was certain that I had left it in the hotel. When I checked in again over a month later the lady at the desk had my earring waiting for me.

How’s that for a combination of luck and good hotel staff?

wow - i think i’d freak out. i’m glad you found it.
we have all of my rings under a great lifetime warentee so any lost diamonds would be covered, but still.

you were lucky Mason–and that’s quite a gift !

Yeah, it was lucky. As far as the gift, she was rich and could easily afford it. Too bad she turned out to be married :pout:


Wow, what a story.

I’ve had my diamond from my engagement ring for 15 years now (wow) and the other small stones on the wedding band for 14 and 1/2 and never have had a problem; ever. It’s set in white gold, which is actually stronger than yellow gold. It’s a 4 prong setting and I’m certain there is no glue. My hands are in water far too often for that. I would know by now.

Your story makes me want to start a thread of showing off wedding rings; maybe I’ll take a picture and start a thread- but not just now.

Anyway your story also reminded me of my mother’s. Long before I was born my mom had been really sick sometime after my oldest brother was born. She had lost a lot of weight. She and my dad were out talking to some neighbors where ever it was that they lived and her ring slipped of her finger and was lost in some high grass, I think. I’m not sure how long it was till it was noticed, It’s a fuzzy story for me being as I wasn’t around then. Anyway, they found it and had it resized and actually had a wider band made with four diamond chips added around the center diamond.

Anyway, good luck with getting your ring fixed.

Wow! Glad you found it!!

It would be :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: central around here if I ever lost mine. In fact, DH told me after he gave it to me that if I ever lost it, I should just go and replace it immediately and not tell him. :teehee: It has great family significance – it was the diamond that his dad gave his mom, and he died in Vietnam when my DH was a baby. :pout:

[b]What flashed through my mind first was Kyro snarfling it up … can you imagine being on poop watch with THIS GUY??? :help:


ummmmm no



Thank goodness you found it. Phew

I’d poop my pants if I lost mine :o

I’m glad you found it! That’s a great picture of you two!

[size=1]And I can’t imagine being engaged to someone I’d never met in person only on the internet… [/size] :passedout:

it is a good pic, but her hubby is kind of a dog, dontcha think?

YES! I have. It sucks, but I’m not big on rings, and they weren’t awesome like an engagement ring or anything. Both rings lost a few tiny diamonds. I stopped wearing them after that happened, but I am not very careful with stuff like that. That’s why when I get an engagement ring and wedding ring, I want them tension set like these


it is a good pic, but her hubby is kind of a dog, dontcha think?[/quote]

:teehee: I think she actually has two or three of those big beasts!

I lost a baguette out of my wedding band a couple of years ago. I was more shocked than anything. I wore gloves for years while in dentistry without even a broken prong and then one day I was working in the yard near my neighbor’s house and whammo it must have gotten loose and came out. I had it replaced but now I’m paranoid of it happening again. :pout:

it is a good pic, but her hubby is kind of a dog, dontcha think?[/quote]

:teehee: I think she actually has two or three of those big beasts![/quote]

LOL I have two … that brute is 15 month old 112 lbs Kyro who is waiting for his brain to grow in … I told my DH that it will never come in now that we removed his OTHER brains!!! Kona is 19 months and gentle as anything but fears an umbrella or any strange looking sight … spooks if my DH who normally fronts his rig in, backs it into the driveway … she’s a rather girlish figured portly 87 lbs. … we did have an English Bull Terrier, Willow who passed on September 14th, 2006 at 9 yrs and 3 months.