OT: Anybody own a FORD?

Okay so MN isn’t looking all that promising at the moment :crying: (no openings till maybe winter) and my hubby has decided to go into sales at his job for the time being. More money. :thumbsup:

To do this, we HAVE to buy a BRAND SPANKING NEW FORD. (idiots) Anyone with half a brain knows you’re not supposed to buy a new car. Just common sense. On my planet at least. Sorry I’m rambling. I tend to do this when I’m stressed about change.

SOOOOO onto my question, do you like your cars? (I was raised against fords as they tend to end up on the Recall list rather quickly. Vs foreign cars that is.) What about the SUV’s? The hybrid? I also read that it’s basically a crap-shoot with the hybrid as it is so new to the line of cars and no one has been able to tell if it’ll have any big problems down the road.

The minivan? :wall:

The thing that really boils my blood is that we can’t afford a new car to begin with, but they do give an allowance and they do pay for his gas. BUT if he should leave the job before its paid off, we’ll have to take up the whole payment. Not cool… :fingerwag:

Seeing as we aren’t crazy about our current location we will move closer to his job, wherever that ends up being. Norwalk, Danbury, or Bedford Hills, NY.

Oh come on honey, Ford is the only way to go! But, w hen we get a new minivan in a couple years we’re going with Honda Odyssey, it’s supposed to be the best. OR, youc ould be really groovy and get a VW Beetle! (no not a new one)

I own a Ford and have always driven Fords. Yes, my 2000 Focus has had recalls, but so do most cars (I think anyway) when they are first released, gotta get all those bugs out. My Focus has excellent gas mileage which is a HUGE plus right now! I have no complaints about my Ford and most people that I know don’t either. I have a friend who inherited her parents '96 Escort wagon and is still driving it today. My brother has an Escort wagon that is probably the same age as my friends and he and his wife drove it from Arkansas last year. My parents own the Escape and it is lots of fun to drive (when I’m lucky to get the chance :wink: ), it’s not the hybrid, but the regular one. They seem to like it, in fact, my dad hasn’t wanted to make some repairs to his truck (which is also a Ford from 1994) so he can keep driving the Escape. :smiley:
I’m sure that there are others out there who haven’t had the positive experiences with Fords that me, my friends, and my family have had, but I’m happy with my Focus and will probably always be a Ford driving kind of girl! (Even my favorite NASCAR drivers drive Fords :rofling: )

Nope, can’t has to be a FORD.

Kudos to you on the Honda, my dh just read the consumer reports on that and the toyota minivan and they are the two best.

Oh and they have to be white!!! Come on… :??

How is the gas mileage on yours?

I love mine. My first car was a mustang and now I have an explorer. Gas is my biggest complaint but I need the suv with the kiddos…If I had it my way it’d be the new mustang in that beautiful blue color.

I noticed your location, what don’t you like about CT? I lived there for a while in Farmington and only came home because I missed all my family. I’ve always said if I could convince my entire family to move with me it’d be to CT.

Umm, if I’m going to be diplomatic I would have to say the people, the people, the people. Oh and the PEOPLE!! I swear it must be where we live (although I really find that hard to believe)! We’ve been to some places where the people were very nice, but for the most part everyone here wants to take your life on the roads like they have a personal vendetta against you.

I know its bad everywhere, but take my word for it, coming from the midwest and having our own share of morons, they don’t even come close to the people out here. Most of the people are rude and mean. I get honked at ALL the time for not turning left when I don’t have the right of way at a green light and the people in the on-coming traffic are turning right. I usually have my dog in the car so why on earth would I risk getting hit with her there. I’ve had idiots actually BEHIND me pull out and turn left in front of me!!! :shock: :shock: I couldn’t believe my eyes. What’s the rush. It’s not like that particular light is 3 minutes long. :wall:

If you thought this was a long rant you’re not even close. :roflhard:

I miss the slower pace of life. :frowning:

Back to the car, how many miles to the tank to you get?

Oh doglover…I miss the fast pace. I am from the east, my dh is from Wyoming, and we have settled in KC> sigh I really do miss have to flip of four people, wave at the one who let you in, just to get to the grocery store.

On the Ford aspect…not sure why you particularly need a Ford ( someone works at the dealership?), but I just drove my 1992 Ford Taurus into a dealership, and traded it in for a new Kia. They gave me 200 for it, and it was for the new tires on it.

If you need a great deal on a new car, check out some threads at fatwallet.com and see where you can get. I just purchased a new Kia Spectra, and adore it.

Had an '86 Ford Bronco II, for my first three years in the US. Belonged to my grandfather.

Drove it until it left me stranded on Colfax for the upteenth time (driving back from school. Colfax at 11 p.m…not a good place to be left stranded).

I :heart: trucks, and would’ve instantly jumped onto another truck if I’d had the cash for it, but had to settle for a used Mazda Protegé that has so far worked wonderfully for me.

I still dream about getting a truck someday and I have my eyes set on a Toyota 4Runner :inlove: :heart: :inlove: :heart:

I am curious, why it HAS TO BE A FORD? Does he work for Ford dealership? Do you have a choice for any body type of Ford? Is that the advise you are seeking here, what type of Ford should you get?

I have a 2001 Ford Focus. Absolutely love it, except (and this is a big EXCEPT!) the tires! Go through them like water, and they are a huge expense!

We had Escorts and got over 200,000 miles on one of them, the other had 186,000 and would still be driveable if we were willing to invest any money in it. I bought a 2005 Focus and loved it; it was totalled and I replaced it with another Focus. I had no problems at all. I haven’t checked the mileage recently, and I don’t recall the exact figure, but it was good, especially on the highway mark.

This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. I can’t believe you have to buy a car to get a job. And they pick the color for you?? Good grief!

A friend of ours works in auto sales and he had never been forced to buy a car. In fact, they generally GIVE him cars to drive around on the weekend. He’s worked for both Audi and Hummer and it’s never been a problem.

I would try to find the cheapest way out possible. Could you LEASE a car? What’s the resale possibility on a Focus? I wouldn’t go with the mini-van unless you needed the space, because everyone out there wants either the Honda or Toyota. I have friends with an Explorer and even though the resale is good, they are constantly taking it in for repairs. I think they are working with a dishonest dealership though, it may not be the actual car.

Sorry about this situation. Buying a uniform is one thing, a car is another!

I had a 2002 Ford Explorer SportTrac that had an EXCELLENT resale price. And it was an awesome car!! I never had any problems (I only had it a couple years, it was at 35,000 when I traded it in).

My DH currently drives a 2005 F150. He loves it!

Fords are awesome!!

:happydance: Go Ford! :happydance:

i have a Ford Escape and I love love love it. it’s the perfect size for DH and I. we havent’ had any problems yet. it’s the first Ford I’ve ever owned. my FIL is retired from GM so that’s what we’ve bought before.

We have 3 Ford vehicles in the family - an 06 F-150, 06 mustang convertible, and a 06 fusion. They are all great cars, and we haven’t had any trouble out of them at all (knock on wood). If you are looking for a good family car, the fusion is great!

Thanks everyone for all of your replies! :heart: :heart:

I’ll try to answer all the questions in the one post, bear with me… :wink:

YarnMommy: Why a ford? Because they are morons. Plain and simple. All the salesmen have to get that particular ‘make’ it can be any car, suv, minivan, compact, but it has to be a ford. And it has to be white. Do not ask me why in detail because all I can tell is that they are stupid. Oh, one thing my hubby did tell me that they want all the same make so if they need repairs that the mechanics will have the parts for the same make? As if they all fit different cars. They are soooo on crack here its not funny.

Nope, there is no particular dealership that we can go to. Wherever we find one that’s where we get it.

skNYC: Again, no exact clue why, and yes it can be any model. Nope he’s an Arborist. The advise I seek from you wonderful people is which ford have you had in the past or present and how has it held up?

Obviously I know every car is different, but as least I’ll have an idea of which ones hold up the best. We have a dog and are getting another in the next few months so we need a bigger ‘dog car’ to haul them around. So a compact is kinda out of the question.

Projectgal: Thanks for the sentiment. I tell my hubby this whenever he brings it up!! But it’s the other way around, he’ll already get the job, getting the car is what happens after that. Yup, and they pick the color for you. Good grief is right.

I know some of you are wondering why does he go into sales at this particular place. Well, he figures he should do it with his current company and see if he likes it before we haul everything out to MN and do the same job there and not know for sure if he likes it. Make sense? I know this car thing isn’t normal, but I guess sometimes we have to do things that we don’t like to get to a better place… :?? At least that’s what I’m telling myself. :rofling:

Thanks for letting me vent. You guys are great :heart: :thumbsup:

I have a 99 Explorer. We bought it used 5 years ago and we have never had to do one thing to it yet. Not the best I’ve seen on gas, but way better than my sisters suv a kia surento (spelling ?)

He is an arborist and he is required to buy a Ford in order to get this job? It sounds like a scam to me. Really. Be careful. Unless you really want a Ford, my advise is, look for another job.

I appreciate your concern, :heart: but trust me its not a scam. Its just what they require for their salesmen. I can’t explain how I know its not a scam, but since the other salesmen have been there for years and my hubby’s gone with them on their jobs he knows they are telling him the truth. They aren’t out to get anybody. If that were the case I’d be the first one getting the moving truck!

I own 2 currently - 06 Ford Escape & 06 Ford 500.

My dad is retired, but he owned a dealership my whole life so it’s all I’ve ever owned. The discount doesn’t hurt :wink:

I drive the Escape and I adore it. It’s my 2nd one. I love the size and the ride is really nice for a truck - I’m more of an SUV girl than a car girl.

My fiance drives the 500 and he loves it. It’s roomy (he’s 6’2" and needs a lot of headroom). It’s very comfortable for the backseat people too and our friends love when we drive. The trunk is ginormous and would fit 8 full size golf bags.