OT: Any Great Cooking/Frugal Food forums out there?

Anybody know of any??

Thanks a bunch!!

well i don’t know about forums but my favorite recipe site is AllRecipes.com. I like the fact that so many people rate recipes and give the tweeks that they did to a recipe. whenever i am looking for that thing that was just like gramma made, someone on there has the recipe! :thumbsup:

I second that – I adore AllRecipes!! Their reviews are soo helpful. :smiley:

I triple it! I even posted a recipe of my mom’s that got a great review… my mom is so proud :happydance:

And if you’re ever interested in Mexican food, I have a few written up:


Just don’t ask for burritos, because they’re not really mexican :lol:

I did find quite a large message board today.

I haven’t spent too much time on it, but it is quite extensive from what I have seen.

Is awesome! It sends out a menu, recipes, and a shopping list. The recipes are great.

With the six of us we spend about $200 on groceries a week. $150 for dinners and $50 for breakfasts and lunches. We have friends pop by at least once a week so $150 also contains a bit of guest meals. We would spend a whole lot more if we ate out. I really dont know how much is average or even frugal for groceries.

Cooking Club of America has forums, I’m not sure if you hafta be a member of the club or not to use them.

I like food.com and epicurious.com

I’ve used a lot of the Saving Dinner recipes. There are plenty of free recipes and menu plans on the website and the original Saving Dinner book is great. (I haven’t tried the others) I don’t always follow the weekly plan and grocery list, but having a fresh, easy idea gets me out of the everyday rut!