OT: Any Corningware Collectors? Pattern help


We had our first real brush with a tropical storm this hurricane season, so I immediately had to make sure my sterno-friendly percolator was ready for emergent use. :wink: priorities!

So I’m wondering what this pattern is called. I hear “vintage” Corningware has gone up in value, not that I would sell this and it’s not mint anyway, but I was just kinda curious as to how rare it might be and if I could maybe find some matching pieces, since it is truly one of my prized posessions just because it’s cute and kitschy. I got it a few years ago and was told it was “atomic era,” which I believe is WWII time frame, if that helps at all, but don’t know if there’s any truth in that anyway.

Here’s the pics and thank you in advance! I’m not sure how visible it will be in these shots, but the pattern itself is reflective as well, mirror-like

Corningware made its debut around 1957-1958. so it’s definitely not WWII vintage. We got married in 1963 and it was just getting popular in our area. I received an entire Corningware Cornflower collection as a shower gift.

Your coffee pot looks like the Starburst pattern, (probably late 1960’s or early 1970’s), but I’m not 100% sure that’s what it is. Maybe someone else can be more helpful.

Corning eventually had over 60 patterns so I don’t think it’s that rare or apt to become a pricey collector’s item. It seems to be going for about the same price as it did back in the 1960’s.


Cool looking pot!!! I wouldn’t part with it, either! I’m not a corning collector, I collect fiestaware…cool colors and whatnot.

We, too, are having our 1st brush with the tropical storm, it’s sitting off the coast right now. Thank God we are in a position that the hurricanes come out of FL, skirt around us, but unfortunately, usually hit our northern friends in SC and NC outerbanks :verysad:

A couple places to check your pattern and possible value would be.




I don’t know anything about Corningware, but I love that percolator!!! It reminds me of one my parents had when I was young - we used it when we went camping. :slight_smile:

i found it last night actually, yay! (forgot to erase this, sorry!) It’s called “Platinum Star” or “Ware Star”. I didn’t see it at either one of those sites, but I did find out they are a little rare because Corning put a recall on all of their percolators in the late 70s, first all of the electric and then a few years later ALL of them produced after 1960 (and the 1979 recall is actually still viewable online here isn’t that insane?!). And Judy, I do believe you are correct, one site dated it 63-65 and that site sells 9-cuppers for $40, 6-cups like mine $33-40, (none of this one but a similar pattern called arabesque) but ones not in mint condition like mine showing wear (or ware :teehee:) more like $20. Neat, eh? I got mine on Ebay some years ago for a steal and while looking for the pattern name and some replacement parts on Ebay last night (to make it fabulous, from use it’s more shabby chic at the moment, but I love it just the same ;-)), I found that people aren’t permitted to list the whole percolator because they were recalled! Who knew! I got lucky I guess.

Stay safe and dry!!! Thanks :slight_smile: