OT: Animal Crossing Game

Like me, a few of you are lovers of the “Animal Crossing” game. I play on my Gamecube, and others use their Nintendo DS. Either way, it’s a cute, addictive game that will always entertain you.

I’ve decided to make a thread so we can post photos and comments about our gameplay.

I’ll start by showing photos of my home in the game. The pictures are kind of fuzzy, but that’s the breaks. I can’t connect the Gamecube to my computer, so I turned off the flash on my digital camera, and snapped these photos after I got a good angle without glare.

The first photo shows the outside of my house. I have finally reached the largest version, with a large main floor, a basement, and a second floor.

Next, are some views of my main floor. I’m using the Cabin theme, with a Cabin floor and wall, and a Cabin bed, armchair, sofa, table, and low table. Beside my sofa, I have a red bird in a cage and a tea set on a classic table. I’m collecting plants and music instruments, as well as songs in my tape recorder. (I want to get a nicer stereo eventually)

Then, there is my basement, filled with clothes, umbrellas, and fruit. I’m planning on taking the fruit to the islander as soon as I find my Gameboy Advance again. (wonder where I put it?) :??

Finally, here is my upstairs gameroom. Right now, I have 3 Nintendo games I can play. ExciteBike, Clu Clu Land, and DK Jr. Math. There is also a Starman, that plays the Mario theme if you turn it on. Cool! I collected the balloons on July 4th, and really like the way they look in that room. There is an orange chair, a train set, and a station model. I’m using the blue carpet and the backyard fence wallpaper. That’s my favorite room right now.

My Happy Room Academy score is over 11,000 now! I think I have finally learned the Feng Shui secret. Orange in the top, Yellow on the left, Red on the right, and Green on the bottom. Of course, some items are “yellow” even if they aren’t that color. It’s a weird system, and you have to go by the “tips and tricks” on the internet to know it. Strange.

My daughter got me hooked on Harvest Moon for the GC. She kept telling me I’d like Animal Crossing but I was too into Harvest Moon. After about 3 months of her begging me to try Animal Crossing, I did, just to get her off my back about it. I was hooked.

Then she got it for her DS for x-mas. I kept stealing her DS to play it. She was getting pretty annoyed with me so I finally broke down and bought my own. :lol:

I also have cabin furniture in my main room.

How cool! I also love Harvest Moon. I play it on my Gameboy Advance all the time. My husband bought the Gamecube version for me, but I didn’t get into it as much as Animal Crossing. So, I play Animal Crossing at home, and Harvest Moon on the road.

(I’m asking Santa for a Nintendo DS with Animal Crossing included.)

Aren’t they fun? :smiley:

I love both Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon. I got my roommate hooked on them both, too. In fact, she’s played my new HM more than I have. I get hooked on WATCHING her play! I don’t know what’s so fun about monotony, but there ya go.
My AC house has a basement, but that’s it. I’m trying to go for the “modern” furnature theme.

Here are some more photos I took last night in the game:

I caught another mosquito. Those things drive me batty, because you never see them coming, then all of a sudden they bite you. RRRRR!

Here’s a view of some of the dinosaur bones I’ve donated to the museum.

The Able Sisters were using a cool pink hearts design when I visited them! I’ve never tried using the design program you can transfer to Gameboy Advance, but I’m thinking I’ll try it tonight. (If I can find my GBA!)

And finally, here’s a view of Officer Copper saying, “…the darkness is suspicious!”

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

“The darkness is suspicious” is one of my favorite lines from this game!!! (DH and I use it all the time when something strange happens!) I go visit Copper at night just so he’ll say it!!

I’ve never played “Harvest Moon”… :thinking:

Ooooh, tonight’s KK Slider night! :thumbsup:


Okay Angelia, I’m gonna tell you a little trick. I know you don’t like to cheat, but you’re gonna LOVE this.

You can get a really cool song called “Two Days Ago” by requesting it from KK Slider.

It’s my favorite song so far.

Be sure to use proper case letters and spaces
Two Days Ago

He’ll say something like, “How did you know about that? It’s one of my secret riffs!”

I got the new Harvest Moon for my birthday, but I don’t like it as much as the original. My daughter ended up with it. I wish they’d come out with one for the DS.

The GC Animal Crossing and the DS one aren’t that much different. There’s a couple things I like about the DS one better though.

You don’t have to send your fossils off to find out what they are. Blathers can do it.

You can visit the towns of other people by using DS to DS or by a wireless connection. I didn’t care for the whole taking the train thing.

And of course, the fact that I can take it anywhere with me. :smiley:

I love playing Harvest Moon on the GBA, but the Gamecube version just didn’t FEEL right to me. I don’t know why. I’ve heard that they now have another version of Harvest Moon where the main character is a GIRL! I would probably like that one better.

I’m so jealous of you with your DS! That is DEFINITELY on my list of things to get. I’ve told my husband a few times, so hopefully I’ll get it for our anniversary or for Christmas. :wink:

If not, then I’ll just demand it for my birthday in January!

I’m visiting KK in a little while…I’ll request the song :smiley:

I finally got the weeds pulled in my second town. I hadn’t been there in 38 months (again, every animal pointed this out to me!). Only one animal moved, but two or three new ones moved in!

So, um…have you been hanging out LATE at night in your town? Something special happens LATE at night… :happydance: :happydance:

Sandy, if you’re talking about A Wonderful Life, the one with the girl is called Another Wonderful Life and is exactly the same except that you are a girl. The newest one is called Magical Melody and is a lot more like the GBA one (don’t remember the name) and the Playstation one (I can’t remember the name of that one, either!). It’s all cartoony and cutesy and the story line is less realistic. My roommate loves Magical Melody, but I like A Wonderful Life better. I DID buy Another Wonderful Life, though, because I’m a HM spazz. :shifty:

I’ve got Animal Crossing on my DS and I totally LOVE it. Don’t know if events are the same here as with you, but today it’s Yay day. Haven’t had that event before, so I guess I’ll go and play in a while. I also have the gamecube version, but the gamecube I used was my brother’s and he sold it about two years ago, so I haven’t played it ever since. I like the DS version better than the gamecube version. You can get more expansions to your house, and like SabrinaJL said, you don’t have to send your fossils away, Blathers can tell you what they are. (which saves you a great amount of stationary) The only thing I think is better in the gamecube version is the amount of houses. In the DS version, if multiple people play on the same game, you are all put in the same house and have to share it.

Right now, I’m collecting lovely furniture and on my top floor I collect modern furniture. I’ll make pictures soon, right now, my DS is downstairs and I’m upstairs and to lazy to get it :oops:

Well, I am up playing, but I set the time for earlier in the day so I can sell stuff to Tom Nook. I’ve been wanting to try that late night thing. I’ve heard about it! I’ve played late night before, but never saw it…I did catch a lot of good fish and bugs late at night though!

I would like to see if I can go to the island late at night. I wonder if the islander is up at night?

I haven’t played my Harvest Moon game in SO LONG. I let a boy at church borrow my copy, and he’s been asking for help playing. I didn’t know what to tell him, because I didn’t play it for very long. I liked the GBA version better.

I’ve GOT to try that new version, though. It sounds cool! :smiley:

I’m so jealous! I want a Nintendo DS!!!

Lieke, do you have a wireless connection? If you do, we could swap friend codes and visit each other’s towns. :smiley:

Last night I finally caught a tarantula and a scorpion. :cheering: I have all the fossils. I need 3 fish still but can’t get them until August and September (I don’t time travel). I need one more painting to complete the collection and I’m not sure how many bugs.

I’m so jealous that you all know how to play! I still have a dinky house (but I just paid off my 1st mortgage and Tom Nook said builing will complete on my new house tomorrow!) :happydance:

Cool Andrea! You’re gonna LOVE all that space! :smiley:

Here are some of the photos I took last night, as promised.

Am I the only one that thinks KK Slider looks like Howie? (KellyK, did YOU design Animal Crossing?) :wink:

Here is my town tune right now - a variation of the “Star Wars” theme.