OT: And then there were 11.... (1000-Post Posters)

I’m not sure what made me think to check this but…

[color=red][size=7]DOTMOM61[/size][/color] has surpassed the 1000 post milestone…

:cheering: :balloons: :cheering: :balloons:
:balloons: :cheering: :balloons: :cheering:
:cheering: :balloons: :cheering: :balloons:


[size=2](And Beldaraan is really close)[/size]

[color=orange][size=6]WTG!!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: [/size][/color]
[color=blue][size=7]CHAT, CHAT, CHATTERBOX :wink: [/size][/color]

a real live poster. Yeahhhhhhhh whoo hoooo Go girl

:cheering: :XX:

:cheering: :cheering: Keep it up!!! :cheering: :cheering:

:cheering: :thumbsup: YEAY! I only wish I talked as much :slight_smile:

We have not heard from Julie for a few days. I hope her son’s fever broke and he is feeling better. :pray:

I dropped her a call last night & havent heard back… :frowning:

Congrats!! I’m sorry to read your son had a high fevor I hope he is better prayers for your family…

Hope your son feels better Julie. Sorry to hear that he wasn’t feeling well.

Well, boy oh boy, am I red-faced. :oops:

Joel just directed me to this thread – I had NO IDEA!!! I’m so embarrassed.

And thank you one and all for your hearty congratulations!! I’m working hard to get in to the Top 10. :rofling:

And thank all of you for your kind wishes & prayers re: my DS. He is doing so much better now. He spent a week in the hospital w/ that fever – for those of you who haven’t heard about this, he is undergoing cancer treatment – anyway, they never figured out what it was, but it took care of itself, and he’s feeling much better!

And, the really GREAT news is that he begins his 2nd to last round of chemo on Monday. He should be finished w/ his 50-week protocol on 12/23, God willing. What a fantastic Christmas gift! (His hair is already trying to make an appearance!)

:cheering: I agree…what a great Christmas present!!

The best presents don’t always come wrapped with ribbons. Celebrate this gift!!!

Knit your son a crazy hat and await the return of his TOP CROP!

I’m a little late, but WOO HOO!!! :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

:happydance: Thats wonderful keeping him in prayers!!

:pray: :pray: :cheering: :cheering: There is a light at the end of the tunnel! You all deserve to be shined on!

Thank you, all …

MaryB … I wish he would wear a hat!!! I can’t get the boy in a hat! As some of you know, he went through this 4 years ago, too, and the whole time he ran around w/ a naked head shining in the Winter sun. :doh: Same thing this time. He just can’t stand hats.

Although … if I find some really cool, soft yarn, maybe I could just knit a hat and leave it lying around. Maybe … just maybe … :thinking:

LOL Knit him a Mohawk… maybe he’d wear that :wink:

This was post number 999!!!

Look! She did it … she’s over 1000 now! [size=5][color=red]Go PHM![/color][/size]