OT: ALERT! ManInBlack spam PM

DON’T Click the link IN the message if you got it! It could be a virus in itself. I deleted the message because I didn’t know who to forward it to.

i got it and deleted it too

wow thats the first time i got something like that from here.

There’s been a couple of spammers over the past week or two who have created accounts only to send private messages to members containing a link to some site selling anti-virus software. Opening the PM isn’t putting you at any risk as there’s no way for the spammers to embed a virus in the PM. However, as robynbird suggested, don’t go to the link advertised in the PM, as you never know what could be on the site itself.

I have manually deleted all the PM’s sent by this recent spammer, so some of you may have received an email notification of a PM, only to find no PM when you log in.

Hopefully we’ll be able to stop them from continuing to spam via PM. As you know, spammers are very tenacious. Our mods are very good at removing the spam that appears on the forums, but I guess the spammers are resorting to PM’s now in order to get their message out there.



thanks for the heads up I got the Email too and deleted it

Sheldon is right. Because there is no way to submit malicious html in a PM (only forum codes), there is no way to pass a virus through it.If they put in malicious html, it would just come out as text and wouldn’t work.It would be like me trying to submit binary :confused: Not gonna happen.

The links are a different story and if you clicked on it…Check processes.Check for drops in disk space.Check for inconsistencies in your operating system’s appearance.Check to see if everything is operating as smoothly and fast as before; no latency.If you have an anti-virus program; scan.Re-scan.Give a sigh of relief.

Most likely: just someone stupid trying to get free advertising >: (

Thanks for the info. I’m on the lookout!

This sneaky spammer isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer!
He/she/it [U]is also spamming the moderators and administrators[/U]!

Hellllllooooo! Knock knock! Anyone in there?
Hmmm, the lights are on, but ain’t nobody inside! :roflhard:

ROFL!That’s just ridiculous.

He just spammed everyone on the member list, and is probably using a spambot to harvest member names as the notice I got showed a few others and they’re alphabetically near mine. 'bots can’t think.

You’re right about that! That’s why I sorta thought it was a bot, or an “IT”…a real live spammer wouldn’t SPAM the moderators!
Talk about shootin’ yourself in the foot! Like, spitting into the wind, eh? :teehee: