OT Airport Fast Food Prices

We are travelling to TN via Houston. Can anyone give me a ball park figure of how much fast food costs in airports? We have three adults and two children and want to have an idea how much to budget for food in the airport.

From what I have seen I would account for double what you would normally pay.

[color=indigo]I was afraid of that. Thanks for the info, tho. :pout: [/color]

Doubled prices might be a bit optimistic. Ziploc baggies and finger foods are your friends - try carrot and celery sticks, fresh or dried fruit, sandwiches, trail mix, crackers, cheese, and juice boxes or water bottles.

umm…probably not juice boxes and water bottles these days ya know. :frowning:

Oh, oops - I thought I’d heard that they lifted those restrictions. Nevermind the juice boxes, then! :oops:

last i heard it was still no liquids over 3 ounces and that all of that stuff has to fit in a plastic baggie. :shrug:

[color=indigo]Yeah, still no liquids over 3 oz and they have to be in a quart size zip loc and I think only one per customer… We had planned on taking snacks and such, but we have a two hour layover at dinner time and were just trying to plan… :wall: [/color]

some airports have regular prices for food and stuff. i forget which one i was in where they even had a big sign that you won’t pay more for stuff there than you would elsewhere. They usually are more expensive, though. If you don’t mind eating McDonald’s, the ones I see almost always have the same or only slightly higher prices. If you are in an airport with a big chain, prices usually aren’t that much higher than they are elsewhere, like if you are in one with a T.G.I.Fridays. I haven’t been to Houston’s airport since I was a kid, though, so I’m not sure about that one.

I flew in November and we were allowed to bring on the plane only what we bought in the airport. :shrug:

My mother loaded us down with deli foods (sandwiches, packages of whitefish salad, plus brownies and rugelach and carrots and grapes) last time we came back from NY, in November - aside from the security guy at Islip claiming he was going to steal it from us, and warning us (seriously) that whitefish salad might not be let through by another security guy, we didn’t have a problem. I think the consistency of the food might be the issue. Liquids are a no, unless they’re bought at the airport, but solids are okay. Whitefish salad must be too liquid or gel-like! :shrug: :teehee:

Like most problems that are handled by huge government bureaucracies, the policies seem to vastly different depending on the airport. Actually, the policies aren’t different, what I mean to say is they are carried out differently. I approve of all the increased security, but I get frustrated that just when I think I understand it, it doesn’t seem to be the same each airport I go through.

I flew 2 weeks ago and the prices of the fast food places in the airport aren’t too much more expensive. If you are going to a sit down restaurant where you are waited on then usually you’ll pay much more, but for places like McDonalds or Subway the prices were really not too much more. Where it gets expensive is when you buy bottled water or soda since you have to get that at the airport now they can charge an arm and a leg.

I was wondering the same thing!! I’m flying to canada after christmas day and I have like a 4 hour delay at the airport and was planning to eat there but I have no idea what it would cost me…anyone know the prices of any fastfood place at JFK??