OT: aero circuit class at the Y

Whew! I used to be on this forum every day until I began my aero circuit class at the Y. The class is twice a week (45 minutes) for 7 weeks, and we just completed our third week. I have yet to NOT get sore from a class! :!!!: It’s my first serious attempt at regular exercise since my 20-month-old was born (Well… if you don’t count the sporadic number of times I’ve tried to get back into running, making my husband wait until 8:00 pm or later to eat dinner. To be on a regular running schedule, I’d have to buy one of those baby joggers.) My friend, a fellow mom and runner, talked me into taking the class with her despite the fact that it’s an hourlong drive. The price was cheap (even for me, a non-member), and I liked the inexpensive Child Watch childcare program they offer.

In class we use steps, resistance tubes, jump ropes, hand weights, and weight bars. The aerobic intervals consist of running laps, stepping, jumping rope, mountain climbers, pop squats, and jumping jacks. You never know what to expect because the class is different every time. We do weird stuff like crab walks, bear walks, walking lunges with weights, and sometimes using a resistance tube with handles to pull our running partners backward while we run behind them (like a horse and driver).

Anyway, like I said earlier, I’m normally on the KH forum daily. But, I’m still adjusting to this killer class, so I’ve been fairly truant the last three weeks. I have been knitting though – at least that can be done curled up on the couch! I finished another toddler short sleeve sweater and a toddler hat. My pink baby uggs only need to be seamed. Now if I could just get around to taking some pictures! :passedout:

Girl, you have been busy! That’s quite a class!!! Good for you :cheering: