OT: A veritable swarm of storks... *update - he landed!*

…and one is circling over one of my very dear friends even as we speak! So, in a few minutes, I’ll be packing some knitting projects and heading over to the hospital. I just finished a baby sweater for her little boy last night…maybe he was waiting for it!

Please pray for a safe delivery for this first-time mom and safe travel as she and her friends go to the hospital over the super-icy roads.

Edit: I guess I won’t be going to the hospital just yet, as I can’t get out of the driveway. This is so frustrating - I can see the hospital from my window, and if there wasn’t a very large creek bed between my house and it (and if there wasn’t a -1 degree wind chill), I could walk there.

No snowplow or icebreaker or whatever it is you need? (Can you tell I’m a native southern Californian? :teehee:

Good luck to your friend and I hope you can get there soon!

Jan, we have a few snowplows, but we got 4 inches of ice this weekend. So it’ll be a while before things clear up, especially in the neighborhoods. But I talked to another friend about an hour and a half ago, and she’s only at 5 cm, so we’ve got a bit of time.

Good luck to your friend… Since I know the song from where you list your home state… ( lived there 20+ yrs) I’m guessing close to St Francis or St Johns… am I right?

As for snowplows, etc… in that state they have an ice storm about every 8 or 9 yrs… and if I remember correctly, the budget won’t allow for good winter road assistantance… They do put sand & salt down, just not enough to go around…

Hang in there… thoughts are w/ your friend.

Mercy, actually - and I definitely agree with the statement about the budget (although I did see a snowplow out once when there was about .0000000000000000001 inch of snow forecast!). At least in Oklahoma our weathermen are very well-equipped. Of course, between the ice storms and the tornadoes, they have to be!

HE’S HERE!!! I didn’t make it to the hospital, but baby Jonathan arrived and is doing great!

That’s wonderful!

awesome! She had a short L&D for a first timer. Now if my little one will just take a cue and come on out…I swear I’m about ready to try anything…My first one came two weeks early (2 and a half actually) so I just knew this one would be here by now…

Best of luck to your friend! :slight_smile: