OT: A tattoo for fathers day!

Yeah,[B] [I]I [/I][/B]got a tattoo [I]for[/I] my dad for Father’s Day. Weird? Maybe, but he loved it. :heart:

If you’re curious, you can read about the meaning here.

This is “Mickey Rat”, my dad’s trademark doodle. Inked on my right foot. (FYI, tats on your foot really do hurt!)

That’s the cutest thing! I love it. :thumbsup:

[SIZE=1]I’ve had two done on my right foot, and yes it’s the most painful site. It’s almost worth having it done because it feels so good when it’s over.

how sweet and its so neat!

Mickey Rat is tooooooo cute! What a great story too.

I have a tat on my right foot by my big toe and it HURTS!

Cute tat. I know about the pain. I have a tat on my ankle. Ouch!

I’ve been wanting to get a memorial tat of my mother who passed away nearly two years ago from diabetes on my arm. My oldest had a memorial tat of mom put on his arm and it looks beautiful. Your tat is so cute, what a way to honor him.:thumbsup:

That is the coolest Father’s Day gift ever!!! Love, love that you did that for your dad!!! :heart: You are a great daughter!!!

I’m with ya on the pain, my son did mine a few years ago! It actually needs to be re-inked, but he’s now living 100s of miles away and nobody else is gonna touch the foot!!!

Thank you everyone! :slight_smile:

Anyone who gets a tattoo on the foot is a brave, brave soul. :slight_smile:

I only have one small tattoo, and it’s on my foot, and yes I agree, it really really hurt. Here’s mine: http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w184/RedheadRachel/Psallo.jpg

Since I got mine, I’ve grown to really love tattoos and the stories behind them.Yours is so precious amd quite adorable - I LOVE IT!!! Great idea!! :smiley:

Very cute, and I love that there’s such meaning behind it.


All of mine are on my arms and chest. Hurts less. :rofling:

Silver, that is such an great idea! That looks awesome! :cheering:

I have several tattoos, but I havn’t been brave enough to tackle the foot/ankle area yet. But maybe you’ve inspired me. . . after all, you’re the one that inspired me to knit socks! :teehee:

That’s cool! Especially for Father’s Day…
I’m thinking a long time about a tatoo of Winnie the Pooh, but in the russian cartoon version. pictures here: http://www.winnie-the-pooh.ru/online/all-all-all/photo.html
What do you think :think:?

That is super cool! I love his doodle =D

I love the story behind it. Almost brought tears to my eyes.

I have wanted to get a tatoo of my Fathers EMS symbol with his Number in it
but my father HATED tattoos on people, and more so on women, so in honor of him, I do not
I have a Tattoo of my kids names, but I did not even get that until after he had passed away

Too cute Silver! And a wonderful job.

What an awesome tattoo!

I’ve got 4 myself and I can attest to the fact that the one on my ankle hurt the most! OH-MY-GOSH! Of course, that doesn’t stop me from wanting to get one on my foot!

My three daughters are into tattoos much more than me. Beth and Kate, the two oldest got matching tattoos on their feet when they both graduated, Beth with her Masters and Kate from the Aveda Institute. When Alli turned 21 in March, all three got diamonds on their necks to celebrate. They tell me that the next “group tattoo” is happening when I turn 50 in a year and a half. I’ve been trying to get Kate to draw something (she’s a great artist!) but she’s not hearing me. Oh well.

Here’s my two favorites: An angel on my shoulder and the girls’ initials on my hand. I wish I had put the angel somewhere where I could see it all the time. I will never get another tattoo that I can’t look at without standing in the mirror.

Thanks for sharing!

No tattoos here, but I love hearing the stories behind them. I love that you could honor your dad that way! Very cool!