OT- A little venting about a kitty

Okay, so on Monday, we were all getting ready to sit down and eat supper and then go to the fireworks later that night. Everything was going fine, until…

Our one cat named Ashes walks in and lays down on the floor. My brother looked over and noticed blood coming out of her nose and mouth. She was meowing, and all that. My dad put a towel in the bottom of our pet carrier and took a look at her. It actually looked like she got hit by a car.

My mother called the local vet(this was about 7PM), and asked if he would come in to take a look at her. He came in, looked at her and said that she needed to have surgery done because her jaw was broken in half and most of her teeth on the left side were missing. We then left and watched the fireworks, and slept okay that night knowing that she was in good hands.

Tuesday the vet called and said that the surgery went okay and that she was doing fine. Then he said, “She wasn’t hit by a car, she was shot.”


That just went right through me when my mom told me. I was so(and still am) angered that she was SHOT! :mad: Even though we don’t know who did it, it’s just that this poor kitty has to be put through a lot because of it. I already discussed it with my parents that I will be taking care of her most of the time. She’s going to be so spoiled :lol:

I’m just glad that she is going to be okay, and not dead along the road somewhere. :heart:

She was shot??? Who would shoot a cat? That’s awful. I’m glad she’ll be ok, though. Poor kitty. :crying:

How horrible! I too, am glad she’s going to be okay. I think I need to go give both of my cats some extra love.


oh, jenelle, that is just horrible. :frowning: I’m in Florida and it seems like every other week another horrid cruelty to pets story comes up in the news. Not very long ago, there was someone going around and shooting cats with a bow and arrow. I remember one of them, I think they named her “Lucky” had an arrow clear through her abdomen and survived and was later adopted by a loving family. The level of cruelty and disregard for living things that humans are capable of is an abomination.

Rant over. I had a cat, Elijah, several years ago who I rescued from a parking lot at work. He was full grown, so I was not able to “domesticate” him into a house cat, although he mastered getting big and fat quite quickly. One night I was paged at work by my room-mate to find out that Elijah had come in the house and started seizing. By the time I got home, it was entirely too late, he had passed in a matter of minutes. Necropsy revealed he was poisoned, and not by a plant.

While I was still living there, I set up an invisible fence for my other cat along the perimeter of our place, which was of decent size, to keep her safe. It worked very well, yet she was still able to “sow her wild oats” a bit and get outdoors. Not sure what your living arrangement is like, but that could be something to consider to keep your babies within a safe distance. It’s a shame we even have to worry about such things. :frowning:

I’m so glad to hear she is going to be okay and she has you to nurse her back to health.

:shock: That is awful and you have every right to be angered! I’m so glad she’s going to be okay! Keep us updated! :heart: :heart: :heart:

Poor kitty! :frowning:

Be extra careful, Jenelle. I certainly hope that it was an accident, but if it wasn’t, a person who would willingly harm an animal in such a way is potentially working their way up to hurting people.

Many hugs for you and Ashes! :heart: :heart: :heart:

Oh no! How horrible! I hate guns. Who would do such a thing??? :?? Neighbours? I would be SOOO angry… I also think whoever did this could be dangerous…

Your cat is really lucky to be alive! Good thing she will be ok! :heart:

Oh Jenelle! :heart: :heart: How sad - I do hope Ashes ends up making a full recovery! :heart: :heart:

You don’t know how much I needed to hear a story by someone who loves their pets!

Last night, we were sitting in our backyard getting ready to do our little home version of fireworks, when a beautiful young dog comes barrelling into our yard. Fortunately, we have a dog of our own, so he slowed down to sniff the ground. I got him to come to me, and we tied him up. Pretty soon, fireworks started going off, and he was in quite a state. We kept him pretty calm, but didn’t know what we were going to do with him. Hubby called the police and left a description in case anyone called them looking for him, we put him in a spare crate…and still have him today. I’ve called the animal shelter, both vets, radio stations…and nothing.

I am so hoping that someone will get off their duff and call one of these places looking for their pet. He’s a real sweetie - and I hate to take him to the shelter as ours isn’t a “no kill” facility. I couldn’t bear the thought of him being put down simply because his owners were jerks. He’s wearing a collar, but no tags to identify him. It just makes me want to cry…the poor scared baby, and it doesn’t appear anyone is looking for him. :crying:

You might want to take him to your vet or an animal shelter to have him scanned to see if he has a microchip - if he does you might be able to find his owners. You are sweet to take care of him in the mean time! :heart:

excellent idea, Sara Jayne, and also, Found ads in newspapers are usually free. Might want to check that too.

I don’t know who could have done this, but I can understand why they might have.

Ashes is a Manx, and she doesn’t have a tail. The reason why I came up with the name ashes, was because whenever she layed on the ground, she looked like a pile of ashes because of her color(she’s grey, brown, black, tan, and white). Someone could have easily mistaken her as a rabbit too.

My mom even thought about maybe someone was target practicing and she acidentally went into the range(I doubt that).

I want to call the police station to tell them to be on the lookout for someone shooting cats.

Ohh, I was also wondering if anyone has a pattern for a harness. At the end of this month we are planning on going camping and we are taking her with us. I’m thinking a harness would be better than a collar in her situation.

I’m so glad your kitty is going to be okay. You know, I was wondering… do you think it could’ve been some kind of fireworks accident rather than a gunshot? It’s probably naive of me, but I really want to believe it wasn’t intentional. :frowning: It’s just too sad to think about.

No, it wasn’t fireworks. The vet said that he found bullet fragments when he did the surgery.

Ohh good news, ASHES IS COMING HOME TOMORROW!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :happydance: :happydance:

The vet said that she’s doing excellent! She’s eating soft food, and this afternoon they are taking her IV out and starting her on liquid anti-biotics. He said for her age(she’s 10 months), she should be good to go in no time! :happydance:

:shock: I’m so sorry to hear about your baby. I’m so glad she’s going to be okay. What a great vet you have to come over after hours like that, I couldn’t even imagine being able to do that.

I am OUTRAGED to hear that someone would do such a thing to a poor, defenseless animal!!!
So very happy to hear that it’s okay.

I’m afraid that we have had several very traumatic pet days…we lost Bo, our parrotet a few days ago…then Sally (doxie) was injured on the night of the 3rd…she got staples on the 4th. And, today, our oldest cat, Snuggle had to be put down…very, very sad. Details on my blog.

Becca :heart: :heart: :heart:

That just ticks me off. How can someone harm an innocent cat? Hope Ashes has a speedy recovery!


Aww rebecca I’m so sorry :heart:

The funniest thing had happened when we took her though. Monday marked one week since my gram had passed, and so my mom was talking to the vet and said, “Yeah his mother just passed away last monday…”

“Aw I’m so sorry… what kind of cat was she?”


That was the highlight of the week :lol: :rofling:

Oh Jenelle, I’m so sorry to hear about Ashes, but I’m very glad that she’s going to make a full recovery. I couldn’t believe when I read that she was shot! Why do people have to be so cruel to harmless, innocent animals?