Ornament size help

hey guys I’m doing the ornaments in Holiday Knits the box ornaments… I’m having sizing issues big time… It calls for GGH Taj Mahal but I’m just using 100% wool does that matter? :thinking: its says size 2 needles and the finished size is suppose to be a 2 1/2 inch block… Ok well with size 2s I got almost 4.5 inch square :shock: with size 0 needles I got 3.5 inch squares… where do I go now? What I don’t understand though is usually I’m right on with the gauge or I have to go up a size but never had to go down… It says to block each square when you get it done but I really don’t think they will shrink soooo ummm… yeah what do I do now? i really like them and think they are cute… I guess I could double the box pattern and make the larger size but then they might be to large to hang on the tree and look right… yeahhhh…Any ideas?? TIA :thumbsup:

What weight is the yarn are you using? Taj Mahal lists at 26 st per four inches. That’s on the thin side. If you’re using a worsted weight, you won’t get the same gauge. That could be your problem,

Its Nature Spun worsted weight and says 5sts per inch I really need to pay attention to my yarns… I have hat that noone can wear cause its tooo big for everyone… I just see something and grab what I have instead of waiting for the next LYS visit… LOL I have had this green since May its the first skein I bought so thought I’d put it to good use :lol:

Mystery solved, I guess!

Thank you Ingrid… I’m gonna make a different type of ornament out of them so I don’t have to frog it :lol: