Hello my fellow knitters.

Just wonderinf if you gals can give me some ideas on how to organize my yarns. It seems to be in every corner of my house just shoved in a box. Are there any cute bins out there that are affordable?? I only have one rice basket that I recieved from my dh for christmas last year. It works out well, but it’s overflowing!!! And the spare tub is running out of room too!!


It really depends on how much you have. I have too much, so I have yarn in large bins with tops that I got from Walmart. I have one stacked on the dryer, shoved in a closet, up on shelves, on the floor. I also have zip-up clear bags under the bed, boxes next to the bed. . . . . . . :oops:

I cleared out a few shelves on one of our bookshelves (not an easy task, I tell you!) and kind of sub-divided the shelves into compartments for my yarn. It works really well for me!

The hardest thing for me to organize are those darn dregs… (leftovers from projects…I can’t seem to get rid of them!) :rollseyes:

LOL…I spent a month on organization!! LOTS of organization…patterns, tutorials, etc being printed, put in page protectors & 3 ring binders …THEN the yarn1 My sweet husband bought bed risers to raise the bed so that my rubbermaid type boxes could go underneath the bed. I then filled 4 quite larege boxes with my good yarn…that which is set aside for pending projects & slid them under the bed & my ‘other’ yarn is in the cabinet portion of the entertainment center in the bedroom. Then I have a very nice wooden cabinet that holds the knitting ‘library’…Yes, storage does quickly become an …ahem…issue with knitting :wink:

Kemp’s contest is REALLY good for that! :thumbsup:

I happen to think baskets of yarn laying around is a gorgeous cozy look, so I plan to buy large baskets (I find really cheap ones at Value City Department Store, Walmart, and on clearance at the local craft store) and display my yarn…

So far I have a well positioned basket right near everywhere in the house I might want to knit (after 3 weeks!) organized by color family so they look pretty and on purpose. Primary colors in one room (where my decor happens to have primary colors - the office), pastels in another (which works in my bedroom) and deeper colors (black, dark blue, heathered gray…in the living room). I’ve been keeping current projects (so far I have 2) in the bedroom basket.

I admittedly don’t have a lot of yarn yet, but when I do, I’ll use this system until I can’t anymore.

I also don’t have any dregs. When I have some, I’m thinking a small hidden away covered container the size of a bread basket might do. :slight_smile:

I have a sort-of-clear Rubbermaid container witrh hinged lid that I got on sale for like $5 right after Christmas at Longs Drugs. it’s about 2’x2.5’x2. Target and Wal-Mart puts a lot of these on sale during and after the holiday season. right now all my yarn doesn’t fit in it, but that’s only because I have those WOTA skeins that I haven’t worked on yet.

Knitting4babybear–I bet you don’t have a cat!!!

:lol: I looooove the baskets too - there’s that 3-tiered (or is it 2-tiered?) set from Lantern Moon that I would :heart: LOVE :heart: to have.
but my cat prevents me from getting those. if I did, she’d be overjoyed, “oooooh, mom set all these TOYS out for MEEEEEEE!!!”

When I first started collecting yarn, I had put a bunch in a laundry basket up high. It quickly became the official cat’s bed–from day one. I really don’t mind, since all the yarn in it is cheapy stuff that I really don’t care about. The cat loves it though!

Actually, I do. My lover, Mush Mush. But so far I only have acrylic and he hasn’t dared… :shock:

My beginner-hood is showing… :roflhard:

It’s not that he hasn’t dared, you know. He either hasn’t bothered or hasn’t noticed. Cats are cats. They know what comfortable is!!

Oh God…he hasn’t noticed! :doh:

No yarn sticking up out of the tops of the baskets yet, and he’s 14, so he’s not much for investigating things he doesn’t already see…

He chases it when I knit tho, so I’m dead meat. :rollseyes:

Well, I’ll find another use for the baskets then, yes? :lol:

Either that or buy only yarn that matches his fur! :wink:

I second that! My prefered storage method is large baskets! I just love the look of them. Ideally I keep them organized by type and gauge, it makes starting a new project easier, and finding a specific yarn easier.

I have my baskets on high shelves around my office. There’s an old thread kicking around where we talked about this, and I put up pictures. I also use a trunk for some of my yarn.

I’m currently taking a basket-making class. With the cost of big baskets, making your own is a good savings! Reed is only $6/ lb., and other supplies are not bad. If you buy 7/8" flat reed, you can make a large basket of this type (I prefer without handles) in 2-4 evenings. Dunk the whole think in chestnut dye for an antique look. has good info and supplies.

If you buy plastic bins, be sure to avoid ones with a strong plastic smell. Those can REALLY stink up your yarn. Bleck.

I’m going to be of no help whatsoever… Mainly because my ‘stash’ is fairly small.

I have 5 x 7L tubs with snap on lids, and I’ll be buying 5 more (they were only $5 each), DH has said that I am not allowed to buy more wool than what will fit in those 10 tubs…

:verysad: :help: :verysad:

He obviously has NO idea that a huge stash is essential to the obsessed knitter. :smiley:

Hmm… maybe if I got rid of my paper craft stuff he’d be a bit more lenient… (Plus I’d have spare drawers) LOL


Well -we spoke too soon.

Guess who I found fast asleep in the living room basket this afternoon? :shifty: That’s right…the Musher.

One lives, and one learns… :slight_smile:

:roflhard: :roflhard:

I have a few Longaberger baskets that my yarn looks great in!! Then I have yarn in bins, aned yarn in the clear zippered bags from new curtains and bedding, they are in my BIG yarn storage tote, the one on wheels. The underside of my coffee table houses some of my yarn and supplies (catalogs, patterns, stitch markers, etc…)too…

I’ve been using the large clear plastic storage bins with lids–I wondered if wool would attract moths if it was just sitting around for any length of time?? I’ve been thinking of those space bags they advertise on TV that you vacuum the air out of–they’d really not take up much room. And I have some inexpensive baskets around with yarns in them–LOVE baskets for ANY reason! But one of my new favorite things I have yarn in, is just a medium-sized hatbox with Victorian style roses and pictures on it. My hubby won it at our choir retreat (it was filled with little prizes–yummy things like candles, a glass ball that has “I AM THE ROCK”, 4 or 5 other things our choir director’s wife bought before we had our “Hawaiin Luau” retreat last weekend! It was a hoot–we had leis given to us, ate Hawaiin foods, (am I spelling ANYTHING right!!!) , and a VERY VERY prim elderly Hawaiin dancer in a LONG dress and SOCKS–yes, socks–danced for us! Geez, I thought I was going to …well, I DID–but just a drop or two!!! :oops:

As for my cat, Mr. Scraps, he lOVES my yarns and HATES to be “asked” to leave Mommy’s lap while she’s knitting, so the recipients of my knitting get a good double handful of cat hair knitted into their whatever it is I give them!! But his FAVORITE thing, his LOVE that he makes sweet love to is a polar fleece blanket made from a kit I got at Walmart on sale for $4.00 in the spring. It has the 2 pieces of fleece, then you cut out the corners and cut the selvages inward 5 inches and 1 inch or so apart. Then you knot it together–it’s pretty cool, uh, WARM, actually. And my daughter-in-law, who is knit-challenged but WANTS to do something other than make the potholders she used to make as a child—really loved doing them. At least, she did AFTER I cut the 4 sides in for her. lol–Gee–I love her so much–I can’t imagine having a better daughter-in-law, :inlove: and I really say a prayer of thanks for her. She’s really special–she’s had a bunch of hard knocks in life–including almost dying of a brain aneurism (can’t spell that!) at age 12!! And now that she and wonderful son have a grandson–well…it just does not get better than that! :heart: :heart: \

hm…how did I get into all this stuff on a storage question??? :shock: