Organizing patterns?

I’m looking for ideas on how to organize my patterns. Some are from books, some magazines & some from the web. I do have a binder. But my stuff is still spread around.

Is there an easy way to consolidate them onto my computer?

When I find knitting patterns on line that are free, I download them into a folder on my computer. In that Folder is another folder for patterns that are PDF files. You can make a folder inside another folder and label it with names like Cable Stitch Patterns, Lace Stitch Patterns and so on. Hope this Helps.

I do have some in a folder called “downloaded patterns”, but computers freak out sometimes and lose things so I wanted hard copies, too. I used to use a binder, but that ended up being ridiculous. :lol: I now have a file cabinet for them. I’ve organized them by type as well as purchased patterns and free patterns. It’s SOOO much easier than binders and more compact in the long run because I don’t need shelf space. I use the file cabinet as a side table in my computer room next to a chair. :thumbsup:

Backing up your files from the computer is always a good idea. I have two thumb drives, and I back up my entire knitting directory to them frequently. They cost me less then $10 each; all three copies of my data are organized in the same manner, I carry one thumb drive with me and leave on in a seperate location from the computer, so I always (usually) have my data handy to give copies or email files, etc. (my own designs, not copyrighted stuff)

The folder idea sounds workable. I’ll get my husband to set it up for me. I’m not very skilled at setting up files.

Does ravelry have an option for storing free patterns? I signed up, mostly so I could see the pictures that people post. But have never used it for anything else.

You can fave the free or purchased patterns on Ravelry on your page. Go to any pattern and on the upper right it says “add to queue”, “add to faves”, or “cast on”. Select add to faves and you’ve got saved on your own page. :thumbsup: That’s the way I handle it.

I use a scanner for the patterns in books that I want to keep out and then I store them in a folder on my computer called “Knitting Patterns”. My computer also has a really great feature where I can print any website as a .pdf file and save it to the same folder. So, essentially I keep all my patterns on my computer and just print them out when I need them.

Thanks for all your help everyone. I knew it was possible. I just didn’t know how to go about doing it. This has been so helpful.

I have 2 places I save patterns: in my favorites on Ravelry, and in a series of hanging file folders (where I divide things up by women’s sweaters, other sweaters, and accessories). I’ll sometimes bookmark patterns I find online, but I’ve found that I prefer to print them out because they might disappear.

Thanks for all of the great ideas! Maybe when school gets out for summer, I will be able to finally organize my patterns too! :muah: