Oregon Tote vs. Booga Bag

Question: Has anyone knit both an Oregon Tote and a Booga Bag? Or, have you at least looked @ both patterns? It sure seems like they have a great number of similarities. I’m wondering what the differences are.

I’ve only done the booga, but they look pretty much the same to me. Rectangle bottom, pick up and knit for the sides and I-cord through the bag? I’m curious what the differences are, too…

I have made the Sheep Tote (the small purple tote) like these:


I like the end pockets. My 10yoDD is making the bigger one with mutiple colors.

I am going to be making these for Christmas gifts. They are quick to make and the small ones aren’t too expensive to make.

Well there are a few differences,

Booga is knit with worsted, OT is knit with bulky
Booga uses a regular cast off, OT uses a knit-cord bind off and an additional knit-cord contrast this makes for a firm edge
Booga holes for cording are made after felting, OT while knitting
Booga has a single cord strap and OT has a two cord strap.

The OT will be a bit larger and a lot sturdier

Just my two cents

Booga pattern is free…Oregon is not! BUT…I have done a Booga and I love it; and I really love the look of the Oregon and now that I know what the differences are as far as knitting them (Thanks L2C) I really MUST now have an Oregon, too :wink:

I have both patterns. I seen the oregon tote at my LYS and the owner carries it, nice and room and big, solid long lasting construction. I bought my wool and hope to start it soon, but still on a sweater and my washcloths.

Well, after reading this, I’m think that the Oregon Tote pattern may well be the first pattern I actually pay for. :slight_smile: I love the Booga Bag, but what I’m really looking for is something I can carry as a purse, and I think the Oregon Tote might work – but is it TOO big for a purse??? Hmmm … Maybe I’ll go ahead and do the Booga and add an i-cord edging to it and see if that helps any.

Thanks for the feedback, Dee!

I cord edging will look nice on a booga, I think. And…you can always increase the sizing of the booga!
I’m with you, tho, I believe I’m going to buy that pattern, too! But I don’t know when bc I ALREADY have a list of bags (with yarn) to do…lol!!

ya’ll should be posting PICTURESSSSS!!!

Have any of you seen the new Cast On magazine? Well there is a purse in there that uses those white plastic rings with wool crocheted around them and then attached and felted along with the bag. They serve as the “holes” for the handles to go through and one on the front for the closure. Once felted the rings are no longer seen just the wool that covers them.

Just adding something to think about seeing as how you are in the mood to customize…

OO! Dee that’s for posting that! I saw that somewhere and I couldn’t remember where!!! YOU ROCK!

You are most welcome, I thought that was a very clever idea, I am going to try it out myself.