Ordering through ad links - technical Qs

  1. Do we have to be logged into KnittingHelp first, or can we just click on the ad?

  2. If we right-click and “Open in new window” on the ad link, will it know that we came through KnittingHelp?

Inquiring minds want to know! :smiley:

Oh, duh. I just tried clicking on the big elann ad that’s up right now and it automatically opens in a new window. So Question #2 is answered.

My main motivation in asking about the ads is that I want to make sure Amy’s site gets credited for my shopping.

Meanwhile, another question: If we want to go to a specific sponsor (e.g., say the Elann ad is showing, but we want to visit Knitwerx), how do we do that?

Thanks for your patience, everyone!

You don’t need to be logged in – it will know you came from KH. :smiley:

When I want to see a different ad, I just refresh the page a few times. It also helps to know that there’s a permanent Knitpicks ad on the “free patterns” page, and a permanent Elann ad on the “Increase” tab of the Basic Techniques page.

on your meanwhile question, i have found that different pages in the site have different ad links on them… such as…the free pattern tab/page has the knitpicks ad on it this page as i read your post has knitwerx… i haven’t paid close enough attention to see if they circulate through the different merchants on each page or not… :??

Yes, it has always seemed kind of random to me – that’s why I asked. Thanks everyone!