Ordering knitpicks phone vs. online

This will be my first yarn order from knitpicks. I got color cards from them a few weeks ago that took forever to get here. I was just wondering if it matters how I order. Is phone faster than online (or other way around)? Any day of the week better than another? I live in Ohio so it shouldn’t take long but my color cards took almost 3 weeks to get here…not good.

well that is longer than the longest delivery has taken for me! maybe they were making up new cards since they just came out with new colors? I don’t know i have never ordered over the phone but i do always pay the $7-$8 extra for the three day delivery (when i have the free delivery coming that is) so it doesn’t take forever to get here…i generally figure that is about what i would have had to pay for shipping anyway so i might as well pay it and not be pacing looking for the package! :wink:

I never ordered by phone and live in OH too never had anything take that long normally only 3-4 days from them letting me know it was processed… never pay for faster shipping either hmm weird… :thinking:

If you order from Knit Picks online by clicking on the ad on this forum, our Amy gets a well-deserved portion of the sales. :cheering:

I’ve ordered by phone when I had a gift certificate; I don’t find either way faster :smiley:

Ok, in that case I’ll order online and use the link from this site. Thanks :XX: