Orange yellow blend yarn help

So I am looking for yarn that has different shades of bright orange throughout it and having a lot of trouble. This isn’t the first time I have had trouble finding the color I need so I’m thinking I might just start spinning and dyeing my own yarn. I figured this would be the best place to post this problem of mine. My question is: should I spin and dye my own or does anyone know how I might procure said yarn??

I will ALWAYS advocate in the direction of spinning your own … just know before hand that spinning isn’t always as easy as it looks … some folks take right to it, for others it is a month or so of pure hell before everything clicks.

Dyeing your yarn/fiber is an art all to its own.

Both are wonderful adventures!!

Went out and bought a spindle and fibers today :slight_smile: Crossed fingers I don’t completely fail :smiley:

Check out youtube videos by Abby Franquemont. She also has a wonderful book Respect the Spindle. She is a wealth of knowledge on spindle spinning and always willing to answer questions. She hangs around Ravelry (abbysyarns)

Also, you don’t have to spin your own to dye it. If you want to try out your dye ideas, some plain Cascade 220 non-superwash in white can give you a good base, and that way you’ll know more about how you want to go about your colors without having to spin a lot and then take a chance on not liking it. I’ve dyed Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool, too.
Not that there’s anything at all wrong with spinning, mind, but that way you aren’t trying to do both at once.