Option owners-can you stand 1 more question?

:think:Thinking about purchasing Options for myself for my birthday. I was wondering how heavy the metal needle tip is. I have chronic tendonitis in my wrists (type all day so I’m on the way to carpal tunnel syndrome I’m sure:pout:) and have found that bamboo needles are the only needles comfortable enough for me to knit with.

Whatcha think? :?? Would the Harmony set be better?

The Harmony are lighter than the nickel plated. So, if you already use bamboo, you will find the Harmony nice and much smoother!

An aside - you may want to check out stretches you can do while typing and knitting to prevent CTS. It’s not inevitable, you can prevent it.

They are hollow so they are really light IMO, but I haven’t tried the Harmony needles so I can’t compare. You could do what many of us have done and order one set of cords and a couple needle tips to test them out. :wink:

Suzeeq–I do all kinds of stretches–first time I did them at work, my boss thought I was making rude gestures at him! :teehee:

Good idea Jan :thumbsup:

I know nothing about the needles you are asking about, but with the CTS. Have you tried B-6? I write on a court reporting machine for hours at a time and wrist and fingers started to kill me, then the doctor recommended B-6 and no more pain. I also wear a magnetic bracelet for extra help with the pain. I hope that you do not develop CTS.

Yes, vitamin B6 can help with cts, and so can magnesium which is a muscle relaxer. Most CTS symptoms are due to overly tight muscles in the arms, neck and shoulders. Massage helps too.

A massage therapist showed me some accrupressure exercises to do that really help (although we sure got some strange looks 'cause she was our client–law office–and when she showed me we were standing in the middle of the reception area of our office building. :shock:)


Oh yes; the needles bigger than a 5 feel quite heavy. I would go with the Harmony rather than the nickel plated if that is a problem for you!

i have one set of regular options tips and i can’t imagine anything being lighter. if the harmonies really are lighter, i don’t know if i’d like them. well, the options set, anyway. i still would like to try the DPNs for socks. if you have any problems at all with weighty needles, give the options a shot. i have size 7 tips and they are so lightweight that i keep looking down to make sure the cable is still attached. they are forever feeling like there’s nothing down there! :slight_smile:

i have had carpal tunnel surgery on both hands. i think my options are the ONLY reason i can knit.

The Options Nickel plated are light, but the Harmony are a tad lighter.